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Jul 16, 2012

Ari T.

What are the best "Wake Me Up" or "Calm Me down," soaps or shower gel from Lush?
P.S. I have already tried Happy Hippy and Loved it.  :)


Jul 17, 2012

Latoya B.

their bath combs are nice, try space girl, Phoenix Rising, Twilight, or Dragon's Egg but as far as shower gells go i just love its raining men or flying fox

Jul 17, 2012

meghan p.

i love the shower jelly its so cool like putting jello on ur body and hair
it wakes you up especially if you put it in the fridge

Jul 17, 2012

Chelsea H.

It's Raining Men is pretty calming (to me), it's got honey in it! Also, the soap "Red Rooster" and Back for Breakfast (retro), :)

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