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Nail Polish Storage

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Jul 05, 2012

Becky F.

Hey everyone!
I am a nail polish junkie and as a result I have a heap of nail polishes crammed in a drawer. I am getting very sick of this messy storage so I'm looking for another way to store them. I am really interested is getting a nail polish rack to hang on my wall so all my polishes are easily accessible. Do you know where I could buy such a thing? Or how I could make one myself? Even other storage tips would be helpful! :)

I keep em in containers upright. ;) Get shallow containers and stack em side by side to reduce out of site out of mind colors.

Jul 07, 2012

Kaitlyn E.

You can purchase cheap nailpolish racks from amazon and ebay.

If you go the rack method keep the racks in an area where it won't get direct sunlight or get hot as both will ruin polishes. I have polishes going back years because I keep mine stored in clear shoe boxes in my closet and each looks brand new.

Wall mounting is an option! Dulce Candy did a wicked tutorial for making a nail polish rack

Jul 08, 2012

Becky F.

Awesome! Thanks everyone! 

Jul 10, 2012

Becky F.

That looks perfect! 

Jul 13, 2012

Lauren S.

I just made my own nail polish rack today! It's super easy and cost less than $10 to make! Check out my blog post DIY here:

Jul 13, 2012

Becky F.

That's awesome Lauren! I'm gonna give it a try. Is it very sturdy if I wanted to hang it? 

Jul 14, 2012

Alexandra J.

Depending on the size you can your case depends on the cost.. I wanted to make my rack a focal point in my room. It's very sturdy and large and I have it leaning against the wall on the ground. It holds a lot of polishes, unfortunately not all of mine fit. I still love it though

Aug 07, 2012

Sarah M.

For a non-rack option, I use this container from Target. It's the perfect height for polishes and you can store nail implements in one section and nail polishes in the other. Or, if your collection is larger, just fill the whole thing with polish! :)

Aug 08, 2012

Katie S.

You could use a spice rack. A circular one with just a shelf rather than holes for each spice. Thats what i use :)

Aug 09, 2012

Crystal C.

I Tried Looking For Some. You Can Find Them On EBay Or Amazon Just Like Suggested Above.. But I Personally Asked My Dad To Help Me Make A Sturdy One. We Found Some Extra Pieces Of Wood Laying Around & Created This.. You Can Paint It Any Color You Want & It's A Sure Thing That Won't Fall Apart. Mine Is Thick Enough For Two Rows On Each Section. & I Also Use It For Storage Of My Lotions, Body Sprays, etc.(: Hope This Helped(:

Aug 10, 2012

Leo M.

There's always the Ikea Helmer option too. I just upgraded to that from individual boxes per colour. I seem to have already filled my first Helmer though, didn't realise I had *that* much polish!

Aug 11, 2012

Heidi C.

I either put them in plastic baskets (Walmart, around a dollar for a pack) or in acrylic nail polish containers. The latter has a very stylish display and can be found at The Container Store for under $10. 

Aug 12, 2012

Charlotte L.

I second the spice rack! They are cheaper than proper nail polish racks as well. I don't have one yet, I keep meaning to buy one. At the moment I have all my nail stuff in a wicker basket.

Aug 15, 2012

Natalie C.

here is mine:  

I've got a Helmer and the moment I heard my mum was going to Ikea tonight, I sent her the money to get me another. They're great as they're so compact and the perfect size for nail polish and most nail art accessories. At £25 each they're pretty much a bargain too!

Aug 15, 2012

Katrina S.

I have them on a shelf I bought at Ikea :) I just lined them up by color. 

Aug 18, 2012

Nichole W.

this is my nail polish rack i made, super easy. all you need is nails, glue gun, and some poster board, i also used decorative duct tape. thats what the butterflies are.

Aug 18, 2012

Adeana D.

I used to work at Ulta and every time a new OPI launch came out they would get bombarded with the 3 tier acrylic stacks and they would just toss them... Ask the manager she will more than likely give them to you :) Although building your own would be fun!!!

Aug 18, 2012

Laura G.


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