Beauty Product Reviews


I recently got this product after hearing many different people rave about how wonderful it is and after trying it I can see why! The brush is beautiful and gives the lashes a bold, build-able volume. I usually need two coats to get my desired look but even with that my lashes always look and feel very soft when I have it on, no clumping or stiffness. An added bonus is that I haven't experienced any flaking at all (thank goodness lol). It's a fantastic product and I definitely recommend it.

Best glitter I've tried!

When I tried this polish at my local Sephora I couldn't believe how much glitter I got with one coat. I find with any other glitter polish I've tried it sometimes takes up to 5 coats to get the intensity that I want. When I got this home and painted all my nails I was satisfied with only 2 coats of the glitter. Also, it dries really fast. By the time I was finished my first coat it was completely dry and ready for the second. The only thing I could complain about is the price point at $22 but it is Marc Jacobs after all! Regardless of the price, I can't wait it get my hands on some more colours.

I'm a huge fan of Biotherm products but this one was really disappointing. I actually ended up returning mine. The very first time I used it I noticed it had a strange, sort of grainy, texture to it but I didn't think anything of it. After only a couple days of use I noticed that my skin started to feel rough, especially on my cheeks. I actually started to get breakouts on my cheeks which is something that I have never experienced. When I stopped using it my skin was back to normal in a few days. I don't have very sensitive skin so things like this usually don't happen to me. Maybe there was something wrong with my jar, but whatever it was it sure didn't agree with my skin. I will continue using Biotherm because I love many of their products but this one was a no go for me.

I feel like I'm on a constant search for a lipstick that doesn't need reapplied every couple hours. After trying the lip tars I can't tell you how pleased I am with them. They aren't kidding when they say "a little goes a long way". Sometimes even a pea size it too much to do both my lips, and that pea size stays on my lips pretty much all day. I love that they have tons of colours to pick from and that I can mix those colours to create my own perfect shade. The only thing that I have to do throughout the day is apply a little bit of lip balm to keep my lips from drying out, but even that doesn't disturb the colour. I have noticed that sometimes they stain my lips, especially the really vibrant colours, but it's nothing a little waterproof makeup remover wont fix. Overall, I think the lip tars are absolutely lovely!

Old faithful!

This bath bomb is probably the most simple of them all but it is also my absolute favorite. I have tried many bath bombs and while they are all wonderful in their own way, this one is perfect for me. I love the way it makes my skin feel; it is extremely moisturizing. I have soft skin for days after bathing in it without applying any moisturizer at all. I also love that it doesn't have any color or sparkles to it. Sometimes that stuff is nice, but most of the time I get out of the bath and hop into bed, so all the fancy additions don't do much for me. Lastly, I love the smell. It's nothing too overwhelming. It's a soft, warm scent, perfect for a nice relaxing bath. I can't say anything bad about this bath bomb. I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

What a difference!

I think that metamorfix is wonderful! I don't use a loose shadow without it. It gives the shadow a stronger color and a longer staying power. You can really see a difference in the shadow when using it. Without it shadows look dull and sheer. It adds a vibrance and creates a creamy texture that allows the shadow to glide on. One drop of metamorfix will cover the whole eye smoothly. A couple things I would recommend when using metamorfix is to 1) use a primer and 2) use Lise Watiers magnifix spray. I find that the metamorfix can cause clumping without a primer underneath. The primer gives a perfect flat base that won't crease the shadow. The magnifix is a makeup setting spray to apply once the makeup look is done. I find this also helps to hold the shadow in place while giving a nice finish to the eyes and face.

Well.. the packaging is cute!

When I first saw this mascara I was drawn in by the cute packaging and the massive applicator. If you've seen this thing you know what I'm talking about. It is bigger than Benefit's Bad Gal mascara. It turns out that I actually find it kind of hard to put on. That sounds silly, I know, but it is very hard to get your lashes base to tip because the bristles stick out in an awkward pattern. Also, I find that mine clumps a bit, but that could just be mine. It's not an awful mascara, but there are better ones that I would recommend over this.

Overall, a really good product!

I started using Tummy Fix a couple of weeks ago to help tone my stomach for summer and I can honestly say that I have seen an improvement not only in the shape of my stomach but also in my skin. It does exactly what it says it will; It firms and tighens my abdominal area. Also, my skin feels very soft after I use it, it feels as if I had exfoliated and moisterized. I actually quite enjoy the smell of it aswell. It is comparable to the smell of Banana Boat's Aloe Vera gel. Overall, I think this is a very good product and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a quick fix.