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Help storing nail polish.

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Aug 22, 2013

Olivia B.

I absolutely love nail polish. I'm always buying more polish. Since I buy so much its getting to a point where I don't have much room anymore. So does any one have any ideas on how or where I can store my nail polish?

You could purchase a lot of good nail polish racks from amazon or ebay. If you have a lot of nail polishes, you could buy something called a "Helmer" from Ikea. I think it's around $40 but it holds a lot of polish.
What I use to store my polishes is from Michaels (link to what it looks like below) It's a smaller version of the "Helmer" and it holds around 300 nail polishes.

Aug 25, 2013

Beth D.

Just get a large plastic box or what ever cute box, many nail polishes are strong and can with stand some bumps and knocks in a box, My collection is more on the medium to small side and I keep them in a really cute makeup bag.

An easy Diy would be find a few shoe boxes and that fit the polishes standing up and you can cover them in contact paper if you want them to look cuter and then you can stack them ontop of eachother if you need more them one so it doesent take up as much room.

Lots of people use this drawer thinggy from michals people say it fits nail polish perfectly.

Andddd I store mineeee in these things we had calles swivel shelfs lol They work great.

Aug 27, 2013

Aimee H.

Bit simple but I keep mine in a wicker basket. They come in all colours and it looks smart to have the baskets lined up.

Sep 01, 2013

Codie Q.

Here's mine I got the idea off of youtube, it holds a lot of polish and If you need more room you can make it bigger:)
Good Luck

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