Water Marble Nail Art.

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Jul 14, 2012

Molly S.

Can someone please tell me why when I try this cool technique, my polish just clumps together and clumps on my nails it doesn't make a pretty design. ):

Jul 14, 2012

Sana R.

Well, this could have something to do with the temperature of water that you're using. If you're using water straight from the tap or refrigerator, the water is going to be too cold. The water you're using needs to be room temperature or the nail polish will clump.

It also could have something to do with the height that you're dropping the nail polish into the water. You want the brush as close to the water as possible. If your brush is too far away from the top of the water, the nail polish will drop straight to the bottom or get clumpy.

I hope that's helpful :)

Jul 14, 2012

Molly S.

Sana R yes thanks! Makes sense. I gave up for the night cause I've literally spent hours on it and annoyed my bf lol, but I'm going to re try it in a few days! Thanks so much 

Jul 14, 2012

Terra M.

As Sana R mentioned the water temperature definitely makes the difference! Room temperature is best.
What I find effects the outcome is the type of polish. Certain kinds take time to get used to and know how they work.
Neons- Dry very fast, very hard to work with, you have to be fast!
Old polishes-Tend to just not work as well.
Thick polishes-Can be very hard to drop in, don't spread as well and take a little work to get it right.

Remember water marbling is very tough, but once you master it, the technique becomes very fun:) Don't give up!

Oct 20, 2012

Sneha C.

I tried this technique and it didn't work for me either. It looked so easy & simple in the tutorials. I will try again sometime with better quality polish & room temperature water. I used running tap water & a new neon polish. Disappointment. 

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