Essie Disappointment

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hello dolls
i was wondering: am i the only one deeply disappointed with essie?

i have a lot of nail polish, but only two bottles of essie. BOTH bottles are bold colors. BUT. i need to put AT LEAST 4-5 LAYERS so the polish won't be completely SHEER. are all colors like this?
[i have 1 bottle of opi - same case! ]

most of my nail bottles are from cheap brands but they DELIVER - the COLOR you see is what you actually get!

just wondering.


Jul 02, 2012

Kaylah A.

What colors do you have? I own brigh essie polishes and it obly takes 2 coats tonget desired opaquness 

Jul 03, 2012

Candi D.

No Eddie has great colors! Check out there summer line they have out now. Teeny bikini, green mojito, and I can't remember the name but there's a bright orange one in that summer collection and there in display at target. They are all very pigmented! Love them. 

Jul 03, 2012

Candi D.

Meant to say Essie, not Eddie. :-)

my 1st essie ever was turquoise&caicos. i just got camera and lights. both very sheer, all very bold. at least 4-5 layers!!!

Jul 03, 2012

Kaylah A.

i have Camera and Lights also and i love them, i dont find them to be sheer at all. I only use 2 coats for them

well i don't know what to tell you gals. :/

Jul 03, 2012

Kaylah A.

i guess its diffrent for everyone! haha

Jul 03, 2012

Monica J.

Definitely depends on the color.

my essie chips so easy! after 2 days ive chipped at least 2 wet n wild polish stays on longer than that...i really love the colors of essie polish and i do think it coats well..but no more essie polish for me..xo sarahann

Jul 03, 2012

Shelley W.

If you're using a basecoat its formula may not be able to adhere properly with the Essie polish because I never had a problem with chipping. When I use a ridge filler (by Essie) then apply my Essie color it can take two coats and its streak free and even in color. I never had to use three coats with any Essie color. @Materialism I. I have turquoise & caicos and I have even, rich color with just 2 coats.....doesn't come out sheer at all on my nails. 4-5 coats is extreme. Make sure you don't have any type of oil or cream on your nails before applying.

You may be pressing too hard...I use Essie frequently and it only takes 2 coats. Sure you're not using the sheer topcoats?

Jul 04, 2012

LaToya C.

I never have this problem. I usually only use 1 coat, 2 at the most. I'm curious on the colors you have. 

Jul 04, 2012

Sarah M.

I've found Essie's No-Chip top coat to be really effective- all nail polish will chip eventually, but that top coat helps prolong it.

Jul 04, 2012

Julia N.

The most I've ever had to use is 3 coats and I just make sure to paint evenly to avoid that.

Jul 04, 2012

Alexandra L.

I have many colors by essie & sometimes i do have to put multiple layers on to achieve full coverage but i notice it does have a lot to do with how you are applying the paint & how hard you press when you make strokes across your nail. 

Jul 04, 2012

Erin D.

I really don't like Essie. I have the same problem with them. OPI is my absolute favorite. Way better coverage and it lasts longer. 

hey gals
this isn't about chipping, that wasn't what i was talking about in the 1st message.
it's the illusion of essie's bold colors, that end up being VERY sheer and having to put on at least 4 layers for it to look like the color that "appears" to be in the bottle.
also, i don't usually use a base coat so that's irrelevant.


Jul 05, 2012

Destiny C.

i love my l.a. colers and my maybeline colers because i can wear the same coler for 3 weeks without putting on another coat or chipping and they only take about 2-3 coats depends on the coler

Jul 07, 2012

Angela W.

Do you do prime your nails with a basecoat an everything? I noticed that when I skip those steps it tends to take a few extra swipes to get full, even coverage. With Essie, it might take a few extra coats, but I've noticed the polish lasts way longer than some of my drugstore brands. It's worth the extra work for me!

Jul 08, 2012

Chris H.

Essie has a lot of gorgeous colors, but IA, alot of them are way too sheer. I don't like how thin their formula can be (nor do I like the thin brushes). I have a bunch of their polishes, but have recently stopped buying them after trying turqoise and caicos (beautiful color btw) and seeing that it took three or four coats to be completely opaque, and it took forever to dry. I kept giving them the benefit of the doubt and thinking I had bought duds or perhaps it was just the specific colors I was buying, but nope. They're all the same with some very few exceptions. There are way better options out there for the same price (and cheaper) IMO. 

I used to feel EXACTLY the same way. I bought Essie's Waltz, a creamy white, and it was soooo sheer, I never bought Essie again. I was told by a friend to give them another chance, and I bought Essie's Sexy Divide, a gorgeous deep purple. One coat is practically enough, two coats is stunning. I think it may just be a matter of doing one's homework before purchasing (:

Jul 09, 2012

Kayli H.

It probably changes from polish to polish. I only have one Essie color in Blanc, it's pure white, and it's pretty opaque! I was pleasantly surprised, since finding an opaque white polish is not an easy feat

Apr 19, 2013

Sarah A.

Not all essie colors are like that. A little TIP is that essie nail polish have a little round ball inside the bottle ( if you shake the bottle you can hear it ) if you look at the bottom of the bottle ( bottoms down ofcourse ) you can see the ball. If it's easy to see the ball then the polish is more sheer. If it's harder to see it, then it's more opaque. WORTH READING!

Hope that I could help,
xoxo Sarah. 🎀

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