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Face/Body Painting

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Jun 25, 2012

Melinda J.

Good Morning Love Muffins. I trust that everyone had a creative and wonderful weekend. On Friday, I had the pleasure of working on one of Detroit's artist. I painted a 'tribal' mask on her face. She wanted red and white. For the red, I laid down a paint pot from M.A.C (artifact) then went on top with a paint stick from Graftobian. I had to keep layering because the paint (with water) kept lifting the paint pot. So I was working twice as hard. I noticed when it dried down it pulled on her face and gave her the appearance of elephant skin "wrinkly". What other product should I have used where she would have still had a "hair of moisture" yet the product did not run in the heat? Just a FYI with the method I used the mask lasted all night. *s/n: this was my first time ever doing this - giggling*

Sep 04, 2012

Nadia Y.

It's probably the paint stick from Graftobian.. it's soap-based and the water will just keep diluting the color and the cracking or wrinkling is probably due to the multiple layers.  

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