Breaking A Habit Of Biting Your Nails

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Jun 24, 2012

Stephanie o.

i love my nails..but i just cant help it. any suggestions?

Jun 24, 2012

Carelen C.

Try painting them! If you don't like the way nail polish looks, you could always just just a clear coat, and the tase should make you stop right there! :)

Jun 25, 2012

Kay C.

paint them! and when you try bite them it will taste biter and disgusting and slowly you have grow your nails and by the time you have long nails you won't even think about biting it! I had that habit when i was 15-16 and it got so worst it bleeds and stuff.. but I break that habit and have long nails now :) YOU CAN DO IT.

Jun 26, 2012

Erica F.

I bit my nails for probably 15 years and one day, I just didn't anymore. I tried everything to try and stop but I guess I grew out of it?

I used to bite my nails a lot when I was in middle school, especially when I have medium-long nails (sounds disgusting I know), then I start loving the look of long nails so I tried growing but still like you, can't help it, so I paint it black and constantly reminding myself how poisonous the chemical in the nail polish can be and when I have bare nails, I apply some nail cream that makes your nails stronger and it taste sour, that's how I stop, hope this helped!

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