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Sep 16, 2012

Katelynn D.

Another beautylish post about Splenda has sparked my curiosity on your opinions on sugars and sugar alternatives. Here's the list:

brown sugar, white sugar, raw cane sugar, organic sugars, powdered sugar, high fructose corn syrup, molasses

Splenda, stevia, sweet n low, equal

Pick your side and tell me which one you think is the best choice, and then I'll tell you mine.

GO (;

Sep 16, 2012

Kelly G.

They are all bad for you. It's choosing the lesser of evils, and all things in moderation.
High fructose is *super* evil, so I avoid that if I can. I try to go with unrefined sugars, agave nectar, yadda yadda. I try to avoid artificial sweeteners, and have major problem with Truiva, yet I love diet coke.
I don't tend to eat a lot of sweetened things anyway. One a day, maybe. I eat a lot of fruit. Weight watchers. =p 

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