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Advice For Bleach

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Sep 15, 2012

Selena Z.

I bleached my hair months ago, and it was long to right above my butt. Lol. but it was an epic fail. So I dyed my hair a dark brown because I had spots everywhere. All that colored were my roots, so I dyed it black. And now it's faded and my hair looks a little bit browner again. I cute my hair off and now it's to my shoulders. I was wondering what kind of bleach I should use because I want to go to a light auburn color. Or should I just go to a salon and not risk it? Lol help me!!!

Sep 15, 2012

Katelynn D.

I would suggest a salon because it seems like either your hair doesn't take to dye very well, or you could use some pro advice on choosing the type (: a salon can give you exactly what you want, as well as prevent further damage. (:

Sep 15, 2012

Shelly T.

I agree with Katelynn. Go to a salon. The colourist will know what they're doing.

Sep 15, 2012

Opal L.

If you must, and I mean MUST, do your own bleach Manic Panic has good bleach kits for at home. Just dont try it solo, have a friend there to help out

Sep 16, 2012

Olivia C.

I would definitely advise a salon, I was in the same position and have had a short bob ever since, even if you do it yourself you'll most likely end up having to go to a salon anyway 

Sep 16, 2012

Sidnee M.

Going to a salon is always the best option if you can.

I wouldn't use bleach if I were you. You can try lightening it slowly by crushing vitamin c tablets and mixing it with dandruff shampoo and putting that on your hair. :)

Sep 16, 2012

Austin S.

Use a high lift red
If u can get your hands on chi infa high lift red violet it will lift even with all the color you already have in their

Sep 16, 2012

Denisha D.

please go to a salon for this. failed once. please dont try again.

Sep 16, 2012

Michelle E.

Go to Sally's and quick blue bleach w/ 30v developer && a toner so you don't go too orange

Sep 17, 2012

Angie K.

If you try and lift it yourself, you are going to get nasty orangey/ reddish hair. This is because of the box color you put on it. Please trust me as I have fixed it many times in my salon. Go pro for this. 

Sep 17, 2012

Mandy J.

Go to the salon. Lightner can be dangerous if not used right.

Sep 18, 2012

Dena B.

If your going from black to a level 6, go to a salon. Your going to hit your regrowth and it will end up a complete different level than your ends. Let a stylist do it!!

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