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May 23, 2013

Ana T.

Bilingual beauty Blog :)
Visit mine and like and I'll do the same :)

Oct 08, 2012

Lien N.

hey everyone, I would be very grateful if you took the time to check out my channel :) feedback would be great thanks :) xx

New British Beauty and Fashion blog! http://crunchyautumnleaves.blogspot... xo

Here is the link to my channel! Check it out :)

Oct 02, 2012

Yessy R.

Hi! I'm not a blogger YET, but I would love to do a makeup swap with someone from UK. I just want to try products that are not available in Puerto Rico. Anyone interested?

Oct 02, 2012

Srna K.

im an Aussie girl that makes makeup/skincare related videos. Check out my latest video which is on my favourite beauty items for the month of September
leave me a comment and subscribe and i will subscribe back to you!

check out my blog too:

Oct 02, 2012

Andrea S.

Oh I can't wait to check out everyone's blog! I'm at . The name comes from my day job and how I'm usually the only woman around during the day...which makes me the prettiest by default.

Hey gurl! :)

Sep 30, 2012

Danielle D.

Im also very new to this whole thing. I would love if you could check out my blog!


Sep 30, 2012

Amber H.


Hi Guys! :)

I would love it if you would check out my beauty channel on youtube! and don't forget to sub if you like my videos. :)

I also have a beauty blog, where I do reviews and stuff, check it out! :

Please subscribe to my channel and in return i will sub back! ;-)

Sep 29, 2012

Chrissy S.

I would love it if you were to check out my YT!

Hey ladies come check out my channel and subscribe! i will deff sub back if you sub to my channel i like to show some love and support! ;-)

Sep 26, 2012

Brianna J.

Check out my channel & subscribe (: ... BriAndreea.... !!

Sep 24, 2012

Forrest G.

I am somewhat new to YouTube and working on my quality of videos. I am still figuring everything out. I would deeply appreciate the time to check my channel out.

My latest video:

Sep 24, 2012

Kayla H.

heyyy ladies! Checkout my channel if you get the chance! Like, comment, and subscribe ! I'll be sure to do the same:)<3

Sep 24, 2012

Mila V.

I can't even remember the last time I've posted in a beauty community (livejournal days - 6+ years ago?!). A good friend finally convinced me into doing makeup tutorials. I am a professional makeup artist and I love to teach and make people laugh (with or at me, doesn't matter, haha).

Let me know what you think:


p.s. No blog as of yet. It's a lot of work! But youtube should suffice for now :)

Sep 24, 2012

Sara G.

Good morning! I'm new to this app but not to the beauty world! I hope you find my pics, tips, and blog usefull. 

Sep 23, 2012

Dawn S.

I'm following -

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