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Nail Tech Training

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I've decided to start training to become a nail tech and am deciding which modules to take. I'm definitely going to do natural nails and want to cover gel polish but am debating the worth of L&P/acrylic and gel extensions. Does anyone bother with these anymore? Everyone I see with enhancements has gel polish but it seems like no-one bothers with extensions. What do you think and/or what do you opt for?

On a slightly different tangent, if anyone has any recommendations for systems to use, training etc it would be much appreciated. I've had a good look on Salon Geek but (unsurprisingly) it's very CND biased.

Thanks guys! x

Sep 24, 2012

Jamila P.

I am by no means an expert... just a lover of all things naily :-) I myself would definitely get trained on the enhancements as well. trends are very cyclical. Today it's all about natural nails. Tomorrow it will be 3 inch talons. Besides... there will always be women that will wear enhancements regardless of trends.

As far as systems go... I haven't worked with many at all. I taught ny self using ASP and played around with CND. I have heard good things about Young Nails. Of course everyone brand has their followers. 

Sep 24, 2012

Cally W.

I am no expert either, but am very interest in nails too! I personally use acrylics as I feel incapable of using my hands without them! (Nails feel all cringey and weak when they're bare or have gels)
I think it is worth training in extensions and acrylics anyway, as then you are broadening your skills and if you are thinking of turning these skills into a career, you are able to meet everybody's needs , no matter what they want :) 

Sep 24, 2012

Laura M.

Hey I've just finished my nail tech course, just have the test to go. I was allowed to chose what to study & because I did beauty I had already completed the basic manicure. During the nail tech course we do gel, acrylic & fibreglass. We used extensions in them & with different client most wanted these. I've also just completed orly gelish nails course which people also like (I'm still deciding). I agree with the above comments, there's always going to be trends but if you no the basics you can adopt each :) also my tutor tried to teach us how to do sculpture nails (massive fail) but that's something else to look into. Hope you find what info you looking for and good luck

Sep 24, 2012

Laura M.

Sorry that was meant to be wasn't allowed to chose haha

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