Fear of red lipstick?

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Sep 21, 2012

Jillian K.

So I recently bought Mac's Ruby Woo lipstick which is a bright red to wear for homecoming tomorrow. I all of a sudden just got really nervous about wearing it! How do I do the rest of my makeup to balance out the red lips? I also have a major fear of being judged!

Sep 21, 2012

Latia C.

I suggest keeping your makeup very neutral so that the red is the stand out color. I like neutral, almost skin tone, matte colors, nice wing liner, and maybe just a white pencil in my waterline to brighten my eyes. I also like to use a gold color in my inner corner to bright my face up since I have warm undertones in my skin. White eye shadow can have the same effect as the gold. If the color is too bright, try to use a darker lip liner to tone the color down some or at just blot the lipstick so it takes the color down a little. Don't be nervous! Rock that red lip with confidence! =). Your major goal is to have a great time at homecoming. Don't worry about the makeup part of it too much; I have a feeling you'll look great regardless!

Sep 21, 2012

Shelly T.

I agree with Latia. The lips are going to be the focus so go with a neutral eye. 

Sep 22, 2012

Kelly G.

I'm going to third Latia. When I wear red lips I do almost nothing to my eyes except winged liner and lots of mascara. Make Ruby Woo your focus. 

Sep 24, 2012

Denisha D.

i love the name to that lipstick! :) you should post us a photo of you at homecoming. i wanna see the way your look turned out

Sep 24, 2012

Sadie S.

Neutral eye with black flick on top easy on the blush n pow the red :) I love red:)

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