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Looking for a half sized eyelash curler!

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Sep 07, 2012

Jade K.

I'm looking for an eyelash curler like the one on the right!
MAC has one for $20 and I'm not sure if I wanna dish out that much yet.
Let me know if you know about a cheaper one!

Sep 07, 2012

Trista N.

What do u use the half size for? I've never seen one

Sep 07, 2012

Jade K.

For me, I can't really reach all of my lashes with a normal eyelash curler, but with a half one, you use it in sections and you can get to every single lash! There's a pretty good comparison video here:

Sep 07, 2012

Atiyah Y.

ELF has one. I brought one by accident & didn't notice until I got home. 

Sep 08, 2012

Opal L.

Omg i need one of those! My eyes are small( like the rest me, little pixie that I am) and kinda shallowly set. I can never get the regular ones to curl my lashes without feeling like Im about to gouge my lid in two!

Sep 10, 2012

Raisa J.

I just bought the Mac one last night! Love it 

Sep 11, 2012

Dana M.

Japonesque makes one too.

Sep 11, 2012

Jade K.

Dana, thank you! That is a better price for me. I thought they made one, but my Ulta is really crappy so I didn't see it there. 

Mar 28, 2013

Megen D.

I need this!

Jan 15, 2014

Mari M.


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