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The brand 'Simple'

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I received the wipes a a Klout perk and they did not remove my makeup at all. They were by far the worst wipes that I have used. After my bad wipe experience, I didn't try the other item that came in the box 

Sep 11, 2012

Demitria G.

look at my review on my blog about simple! http://theshewolfdiaries.blogspot.c...

Sep 11, 2012

Erika C.

I have used the cleanser, toner & moisturiser for about 8 months now. At first I thought it was making a difference but now I realise that it is doing nothing & my skin is just as 'moody' as it used to be.
Also my sister used simple for a while but found it was making her break out more!
I am about to stop using simple as I believe it's doing nothing for me so if anyone has tips on some good products etc. My skin I think is combination. 

Sep 10, 2012

Carla P.

I was considering trying this product and I have the wipes, they are ok but I prefer the nuetrogena ones better

Sep 10, 2012

Hannah S.

Face wipes remove oil and dehydrate the skin, thus making it sensitive.. You wanna start with a rehydrating range to get your skin back to "normal", along with using SPF based products, drinking lots of water and keeping to a good facial regime.

Andrea F.

Sep 09, 2012

Andrea F.

Thanks for the input guys! Jeez, you'd think since they're claiming to be so Simple their products would be up to par!! x) Looks like I may be stickin with Cetaphil! 

Sep 08, 2012

Courtney B.

I didn't have a good experience with the wipes, and that's all I've tried from this brand (and all I plan to try). They didn't burn, but they just didn't work! I used 2 wipes and almost none of my makeup came off. I don't wear any foundation or concealer or anything waterproof, so the fact that I had to use more than 1 wipe was pretty ludicrous. And to get any of my eye makeup off I had to practically scrub. For a line that's marketed to people with sensitive skin, you'd think they'd want their product to be as gentle as possible; sadly, I ended up making my poor eyes hurt with all the pressure I used with these stupid wipes. I can't even imagine how much worse they would have been if I actually had sensitive skin.

Simple for sensitive skin, my butt.

I've tried the face wipes and ugh, burned. rough. all of that. cleanser was crap and didn't do anything. i've heard baaaaaad things about the makeup remover. burning and all of that.

again, for sensitive skin, my buttttttttt.

Sep 05, 2012

Jonika M.

I went all out and bought the cream and gel cleanser, exfoliator, make up remover, toner, ect from this line spending like $40. My skin didn't like it. The cleanser was okay but the exfoliator just really irritated my skin and made it red and it burned. So I didn't take my chances and just took it back. 

Andrea F.

Sep 05, 2012

Andrea F.

Favorite products? Anyone use it?? How is it comparable to cetaphil??

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