Lots of space, litttle ideas.. HELP!

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Sep 07, 2012

Caitlyn V.

So since moving I now have half a fairly large room to put my make up in. I have about 200 nail polishes to showcase, enough eye shadows to most likely fill 4-5 Pro Z palettes and 3 Z pro palettes of lipstick.... Just a ton of make up. I have no clue how to organize/showcase it. Any cool idea would be great

p.s. I don't want a foam board rack I find them unstable and I don't want too much tucked away.

Sep 07, 2012

Christine L.

I understand your pain. I am going through a change right now too. I finally have a desk with storage to transform into a vanity instead of using the bathroom and lugging my makeup kit with me!

You have a large room so I would worry about the big picture before getting to the many tiny details (makeup stash). My cousin (a home decorator) said that for makeup you should think about your favorite makeup stores. How do they set up their shelves? Is it clear plastic with everything on display? Is it lots of wood with just the best parts of line for viewing? Is everything on the walls?

Sep 10, 2012

Jennifer T.

Make your own DIY makeup organizer by buying containers at drugstores or buy a cute caboodle to organize your makeup. Your very own vanity. 

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