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Sep 22, 2012

Monique R.

What brand of black is best to use? I have wet & wild, I wait for it to dry then put a top coat on but it still smears... I even wait a day for the top coat

Sep 22, 2012

Ashley S.

OCC lip tar in Tarred!

Sep 22, 2012

Ashley S.

Whoops, i thought this was in the black lips thread. ^\\\^ 

Sep 22, 2012

Nahomi L.

I like sinful colors. They're vibrant, dry fast, and cheap. I bought 8 from walgreens for a buckk each.

Sep 22, 2012

Courtney Layne B.

OPI all the way

Sep 22, 2012

Sadie S.


Sep 23, 2012

Shelly T.

There isn't a universal "best" of anything, IMO.

On my finger nails, most drugstore/lower-end nail polishes don't last much longer than a couple of days, even with a base and top coat, not even Essie, and that's a brand I generally like. Then a few months ago, I bought a couple of Illamasqua nail polishes during their site's sale. The first of the two I used was Scorn, a matte black. It lasted five days on me with minor tipwear before it started chipping. (The other one I bought was a dark navy blue called Propaganda, which is now discontinued. I'm going to try this one this weekend.)

Sep 24, 2012

Jamila P.

Sorry that WnW doesn't play nice with you. it has been my goto black for years now. I haven't heard anything but praise for Illa's Bookshelf though. I know several woman that swear by Booosh. 

Sep 25, 2012

Dureeka M.

OPI Black Onyx is honestly worth the money. If not, another good opaque one is sally hansen insta dry . I don't know what their black is called.. 

Sep 26, 2012

Elizabeth T.

I like Zoya, Raven, but really, it depends on your own tastes and body chemistry.  

Sep 26, 2012

Celeste B.

essie or zoya

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