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Faux Lashes!!

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Jul 22, 2012

Nathalie F.

I absolutely love wearing lashes.. they can make you feel girly, flirty and pretty much finish up a whole look. Problem is I have the biggest problem putting them on. Not sure if it's the glue, the lashes themselves or just the way im trying to put them on.. Please share the brands you use, which lash glue works best for you or how you put them on.. ..thanks a bunch ahead of time :)

Jul 23, 2012

Latoya B.

I use velour mink lashes and duo glue. The trick is looking down kind of but you have to wait until the glue is tacky or they won't stay so wait about 30 seconds or so and then put them on but when I was new at it I would do mine in a mirror that I can get real close to and then used a q tip to get them close to the lash line with and the also come in handy with putting the glue on with. But I first watches xsparkage do her on yt. Good luck 

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