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Bumps on my Cheeks! Help Please!

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Jul 27, 2012

Lydia B.

Well i have these bumps i get on my face only on my cheeks though, and you can feel them underneath the skin.. it feels so grose!! and i really want to get rid of them what can i do? and is this considered to be acne? i have never had acne before could i be getting it?

Jul 28, 2012

TheMani N.

Try washing your face more often

Jul 28, 2012

Claudia A.

It might not be acne, but something that happens from not washing your face daily and not washing your brushes. Start up a skin care routine and keep it, even of you're dead tired! Also, wash your brushes more often. And maybe even wear less foundation until the bumps go away. Try tinted moisturizer and apply with your fingers for now. 

Jul 28, 2012

Christina O.

I have that problem too! I have tried washing my far more often and not wearing foundation all over, but that never worked. I have had this for 2 years now and what has worked best for me is every night (when I remember) I put 1 pump of simple foaming cleanser on my face and using a cleansing sponge to rub it in and also gently exfoliate. After that my skin feels firmer and tighter, then once a week I use simple oil balancing exfoliating wash. After about 2 months of doing this my bumps reduced to just partly on my jawline close to my ears either side, I also use baby oil to take off my makeup, because it hydrates my skin and beleive it or not it doesn't make your skin greasy at all! I just lather the baby oil on my face then wipe the baby oil off with cotton pads and I noticed that when before my skin was dry around where the bumps were, it's now balanced with the rest of my face and I have pretty normal skin now! I worked all this out myself, I wish I had beautylish back then to help me :)

Jul 29, 2012

Lydia B.

I wash my face morning and night EVERYDAY!! with ambi, exfolating wash, and ambi black soap, i use ambi mosterizier and all.. itake good care of my skin , i do not where foundation at all, i never have...I never had this issue before now all od sudden its happening , it start around like the middle of june i started seeing it. and i dont use alot of differnet stuff, i use the same ambi care ass always... i never had acne before so maybe im getting it, i dont know but i am goingto trythe simple care routine that christina O. suggested.. is simple the brand name? or is that just waht you call it? thanks everybody for the help though, i am greatful

In summer you will get oilier skin. Maybe start using a toner and lighter moisturiser. Just sounds like clogged pores.

Jul 31, 2012

Natalie C.

I have these and my dermatologist reccomend Amalactin Lotion. It gets rid of all bumbs, you can find it at the drugstore.

Jul 31, 2012

Shelley W.

Are you keeping your make-up brushes clean on a weekly basis?

Jul 31, 2012

Natalie C.

It may be keratosis pilaris I have this, it is very common.

Jul 31, 2012

Jenna M.

I have the same problem except on my forehead. What I do is wash my face every night and use a scrub brush, then I use a toner to get rid of the extra dirt, then I use moisturizer

Aug 01, 2012

Lydia B.

THNAKS EVERYBODY FOR OYUR RESPONSES.. BUT I THINK IM GONE TRY ANOTHER PRODUCT AND IF IT DOESNT WOKR GO TO THE DOCTOR...~ and i lookedup keratosis pilaris i dont think thats what it is, it doesnt look like that

Aug 01, 2012

Maddie Y.

It might not be acne, I had bumps around my nose that were really dry and under the skin for a few years and eventually I went to a dermatologist and found out it was eczema. So, wash your face each night and maybe even steam your face once a week (grab a bowl and a towel, put some hot water in the bowl, keep your face above the water, place the towel on your hair and allow the steam to clear your pores) and if worst comes to worst try to see a dermatologist. :)  

Sep 20, 2012

Lydia B.


Sep 24, 2012

Adele W.

If its what I think and the bumps are like small white spots but painful if you try to 'pop' them then they are milia spots. Google it. There are descriptions of them and ways to help get rid and prevent further flare ups x

Sep 25, 2012

Emily B.

I agree with Natalie C. It sounds like Keratosis Pilaris to me too, I have it as well, Google it, its not acne, just a common hereditary skin condition. I had it really bad on my cheeks when I was younger. I only have it on the backs of my arms now, as you age, it gets better & gently exfoliating with an apricot scrub really helps, also a toner with Salicylic Acid in it and moisture all seem to help! ;)

Nov 09, 2012

Cheryl F.

Lydia did you ever find a solution to this?

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