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Online Portfolio/Blog related question.

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May 06, 2012

Andrea S.

I have a great portfolio in 'real life' and often when I do a shoot I like to write a little blog post about it. I use Wordpress but was thinking of buying my own domain name, and adding a "Portfolio" page, where I'd scan all my printed photos onto my computer.

Would it be unprofessional of me to have my blog and portfolio on the same site? I have a gut feeling that it would, but I've seen a few sites like that, so...

Best to keep them separate. Professionally speaking, getting too personal can often hurt you! Go with your gut on this one. Most pro artists that have blogs and ports jammed together are either doing it as part of a business sponsorship or they are celebrity artists whose opinions are sought-after. In any other case, it looks very amateur. But you already knew that;)

Your gut will almost always lead you in the right direction!

I have a link to my beauty blog on my website but not on the same platform. 

Jun 07, 2012

Mandy T.

separate. A blog can be very personal. I do have a blog on my professional website, but all it ever talks about are like products and trends. Nothing personal. It's more of a little place where clients/talents can check out what latest products are out and what sort of trends are going on at the moment.
Nothing personal at all.

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