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Best airbrush system?

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May 02, 2012

Andrea S.

I'm looking for an airbrush system that would be suitable for both personal and professional use. I've heard that some airbrush compressors can handle more than one brand of foundation so I'd prefer one of those as not to limit myself to one brand. If there aren't recommended, then obviously I'd need a hypo-allergenic kind! I understand that they aren't cheap but I'm not willing to pay too much!

Has anyone got an airbrush system/any suggestions?

May 02, 2012

Jane A.

Kett Cosmetics -- nothing but rave reviews from everyone...

I've had my airbrush compressor and gun for over a year now. I purchased it from obsessive compulsive cosmetics. It has become a staple in my kit!

Airbrush compressors are what create airflow, so for the most part any compressor you purchase can be used with any brand foundation. However, some brands make a special gun that requires their foundation (ie: that horrible Temptu "pod" system sold at Sephora). There are a lot of personal preferences in this arena, but quite honestly, airbrushing is a simple setup and most biases are based on brand image and minor differences in compressor design.

There are a few systems out there that are great. I personally LOVE my Temptu AIR system. It travels well, and the kit comes with everything you need to get started. Recently I swapped my AIR for a Stilazzi NSA compressor that I love even more, and use it with the Sparmax SP-35 gun that came with my AIR system. OCC has wicked compressors, too. And here's the difference:

Temptu AIR/Luminess: +/- 1.6lbs. PSI designed for face use ONLY. Battery or AC powered.

Stilazzi NSA (No Strings Attached): 1lb. The smallest compressor I have ever seen and it comes in a case that fits under your arm. Used it at fashion week and will never go back to bulky compressors for beauty work! Also for use on the face. Battery or AC powered.

IWATA/OCC, etc: +/- 7lbs. Bulky compressors are more cost-efficient and provide the higher PSI required for body work, however, they do not travel well. AC power only.

Foundation is also a personal choice. I love Temptu's S/B and use it quite often, but for my vegan brides and some of my television work, I prefer OCC's water-based vegan formula. And often times I will thin out my favorite foundation with mixing medium and run it through for the ultimate customized look. Revlon Colorstay, MUFE Mat Velvet, Smashbox Studio Skin - all airbrush flawlessly.

As far as "hypoallergenic," there's no such thing. Brands claim this, but no brand is truly allergen-free. In fact, the more NATURAL the line, the more likely it is to contain plant oils and extracts that can inflame the skin. The brands I mentioned (aside from Revlon) are all professional artistry brands that have been tested time and time again and have great reputations. If sensitivity is your issue, I would personally lean towards OCC. Hope that helps!

May 04, 2012

Andrea S.

Thank you for all your helpful comments! I know more about what to look for now. :)

What about Dinair, have any of you tried their system?

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