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Are Organix Products Any Good for Dry Hair? In Hair Confusion..

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May 04, 2012

Kirsten J.

Hey ladies, back again. Are ORGANIX products any good for dry hair? Sadly i have to confess i've been using the YES TO CARROTS line and it's made my hair fall out and ashy. I'm super confused on what to try next, i don't want to waste my $$$ again O_O. I have reallllyyy dry hair. I could go almost 4-5 days w/out washing before it gets oily. I want something that is going to clean it, yet moisturized it, and give it body. I've tried the 3 MIN AUSSIE DEEEEEPPPP CONDITIONER - but that is a little too much. It weighs my hair down :/. Also my hair has been looking "ashy" lately, i have paul mitchel shine serum, but idk, i feel like my hair isn't shiny like it used to be. AHHH i'm lost. I used to LOVE using John Frieda SMOOTH START - but i wanted to do something healthier and safer for my hair since i'm on this journey of trying to grow it out. Are regular shampoos with sulfates in them totally horrible anyway?? Please help with anything ya got! MUCH LOVE :) <3 <3 Kiki

May 04, 2012

Yumi R.

Try the J.A.S.O.N. Sea Kelp shampoo& conditioner! It's really hydrating without weighing your hair down, great for sensitive scalp and is sulfate free :) 

To be honest, I have the Organix shampoo (in coconut) and it dried my hair out a bit, so I wouldn't recommend it if you have very dry hair (though I'm not sure about the other shampoos in the Organix line) unless you use a good conditioner. Right now I'm using the Garnier Frutis Triple Nutrition shampoo (I received it from bzzagent) and it contains olive oil and avocado for moisture and its working pretty well. I would definitely stick to a shampoo that claims to be moisturizing or hydrating (whether it is sulfate free or not...I've found sulfate-free to be much gentler on my scalp if dry scalp is an issue). =)

May 04, 2012

Eilla S.

Have you tried Aubrey Organics? I have super dry scalp and splits in the mid length and ends. It actually helps with the damages. It is my favorite organic shampoo and conditioner. They can get a bit expensive if you wash your hair daily. 

May 04, 2012

Amanda R.

I love Organic Color Systems Aqua Boost line. This line is definitely a healthier option, as it is paraben, sulfate, and plastic free. The products contain natural and certified organic ingredients, and are PETA recognized vegan and cruelty-free. Check out:

If your hair is super dry, try the Macadamia Natural Oil products. The Hair Mask is amazing, the shampoo does not dry out your hair, and all the other products are also very good. They are free of sulphates and parabens. heres the web site. check them out. if you want to find a salon that carries them close to you, you can use the salon locator thing. It is a little pricey. BUT so worth it, you can sometimes also find them at places like WINNERS and stuff discounted.

May 04, 2012

Kirsten J.

Hey ladies! Thank you So much for all your help and info! I now know what things I can try :) bc I was so lost! Much love :)!! 

May 06, 2012

Emma D.

I have the Organix coconut milk anti-breakage serum, i think it works really well on my damaged hair.

The ends of my hair are super dry and damaged from over bleaching and this product actually makes them feel like virgin hair, so soft and smooth. The coconut milk serum is light enough to use everyday as well, it doesn't make my hair look greasy and dirty like Moroccan oil does.

I would definitely give it a go!

May 08, 2012

Summer S.

coming from one mixxed chick to another, I am pretty anal when it comes to what I put on my hair. I have learned in my long 27 years of existance that when you want to have good hair you gotta use great products. I have sworn off drugstore brand shampoos and conditioners, I clarify my hair before I straiten it and sometimes you gotta spend money. BUT i try to buy my stuff on sale as much as I can. Theres a salon/spa store called Beauty Brands here in OK. They do have a websight so check them out. Every year in the summer (Late July I think) they have a liter sale on salon exclusive shampoos and conditioners, its such a deal!!!! I am not sure if you can order on the websight but if you have a Beauty Brands somewhere in Georgia im telln ya its worth a drive and stock up on some stuff! 

May 08, 2012

Victor S.

Learning the Basics

Hair is a dead fiber, just like a sponge. It does not bond with external proteins or moisturizers. Hair cannot be repaired, and it can only be altered molecularly with chemicals like permanent relaxers, perms, color, and bleach.

Did you know that the hair care products on the market today do not make hair healthier or hold up in climate changes for more than two to three hours? Shampoos only cleanse; they cannot moisturize and clean at the same time. Conditioners are like spackle and cannot penetrate the cortex layer (secondary layer of a hair shaft) even with heat. Styling tools and products can somewhat alter hair texture, but they are all water-soluble and not climate resistant. Anti-frizz products on the market today are water-soluble and break down after two to three hours.

Understanding the Issues

Take the time to do some research. Google the ingredients listed on the back of your existing hair care product packaging or those you are considering to buy and find out if they are toxic and what they do. For example, minuscule amounts of herbal extracts and foods can be added to water, which is the bulk of the product. Once added, they can be listed in the beginning as well. Ingredients such as Olive Oil are used in hair and many that use it go days if not weeks without shampooing their hair. Olive oil can become rancid when exposed to air and a breeding place for bacteria. Co-shampooing is another buzz word. It requires shampooing with conditioners. This can cause hair loss and clogged scalp pores, which retards hair growth.

All of the anti-frizz products on the market today have dilutives such as oils, chemicals, water-soluble silicones, and more. This is great for the manufacturer but not for you. They can make the product cheaper, they can make it feel good on your hair, but many frizzy-haired women have not found the perfect ant-frizz product without having to apply at least five other products for support.

Separating Truth from Fiction

Are you one of the many women who are on a constant hunt for the perfect hair product? Are you overrun by the clutter in your vanities with bottles, and jars, all of which are filled with hope? It’s that hope, marketing, packaging, color, and scent that mesmerize the senses to continue to buy different brand name commodity products to solve your hair care problems. Consumers have been hyped for 30 years by famous stylists who have launched their own brands of hair care products. Trial and error were some of their ingredient development tools. Today, product shelves are overloaded in salons, drugstores, and supermarkets, all competing for your dollar by selling you the best story about their products. Teams of marketing professionals creatively continue to come up with the latest eye-catching story to tempt your senses or tempt you senseless. Only the packaging changes not the basic content.

So what other options do you have? They are hidden in the real world of some small boutique pioneers whose goals are solving hair care problems through research rather than mass marketing commodity products that do not work. The entire hair product industry shouts so loudly, it takes the average consumer too much time to research the facts in making their purchase decisions. Instead, it’s easier to run in circles like we are accomplishing something rather than solving your hair care problems

Being Open and Transparent

Sabino Hair Solutions is one of the few companies that has focused all of their product development efforts on research. A by-product of our research is the development of the only shampoo soluble hair care products, which solves the frizzy hair problem in a world of water solubility products that do not. Our goal is to share our development research and knowledge with you. If you are interested in learning more about our research efforts and the products we have developed, go to On our website you’ll find resources to help you understand and change the direction of solving your hair care problems. You can call or email us for answers regarding your concerns.

If you have frizzy hair and haven't been able to resolve the difficulty in managing it beautifully and easily, you may be very pleasantly surprised by the results of using Sabino Hair Care Products. We count tens of thousands of satisfied users- many of whom will gladly share their experiences with you.

May 10, 2012

Pamela W.

I've tried organix's on my dry hair and it did nothing to help. I've actually been using mane and tail and it helped out a lot. You want to maybe use coconut oil as well.  

May 12, 2012

Shelley W.

I detest shampoos and conditioners with sulfates in them. I use Hair Rules for Shampoo and Conditioner. It contains no sulfates and for a deep cleanse to remove product buildup I use its Aloe Grapefruit Purifying Shampoo twice a month. For deep conditioner treatment I've been using Carol's Daughter Olive Oil Infusion kit. That alone makes my hair sing with happiness. It detangles my hair like nothing else and its not loaded with a bunch a nonsense that is not beneficial for your hair. Its all a little pricey but to me every single item is worth it to me. And to style I use Miss Jessie's products. The olive oil will definitely help with soothing your dry scalp. 

Have you looked online for natural DIY shampoos? Sometimes I just mix olive oil and honey and use that on my hair. 

May 14, 2012

Alyssa R.

I started using the Organix Macadamia Oil Shampoo and Conditioner which is formulated for dry hair, which I do have a problem with. My ends are horrendous and frizz is a common issue. I won't say these products are magic but they have had an effect on my hair, no doubt. It's a lot smoother and manageable. I find myself not using heating tools to do my hair a lot more, which I thought was impossible before. I bought mine from Ulta and it came with a mini package of the hair serum of the same formula. That stuff is GREAT. I think that's what helped my hair the most so far. For $7 each, I'd definitely give it a go. :)

May 14, 2012

Victor S.

What you are experiencing is coating. Conditioners, and for that matter, all hair products do not repair, moisturize or stop breakage. The coating can give you some relief and using it on a regular basis, you can't really experience what your hair is like underneath the coating. Try this. Apply your product and when your ready to shampoo again, don't use anything on your hair and let it dry naturally. The texture you feel and see is what your hair is really like underneath all of the camouflage.

There is only one waterproof product for hair, Moisture Block and Lok & Blok. What does that mean? It creates a seal on the cuticle that locks in the essential moisture content and your conditioner (which would normally dissipate or dilute after a short time) while blocking out excess moisture. Oils and all of the products mentioned are all water soluble and breakdown after 2 to 3 hours after application. Many women go days if not weeks not shampooing their hair. Pollutants collect on the hair making it dull looking unless they add more oils. These oils are susceptible to bacteria growth and going that long between shampoos can clog scalp pores speeding up hair loss. Ever notice with many African American women that have high hairlines? That's due to tightening the hair back and not shampooing regularly.

Organic products are not organic. If they were they would be costly, way more than $7. Always research the ingredients before you buy, unless you just want cheap feel good stuff that eventually creates other hair problems.

Aragan oils are usually way down the list of product ingredients listed on back of the bottle, like Moroccan oil, which is 6th on the list. The first 4 ingredients are silicones that are diluted with other chemicals in the product. One of the chemicals is known to be harmful with extended use ... research it! It's the silicones that actually create the softness in the hair, not the Aragan oil. If it isn't used regularly throughout the day the hair begins to feel dry again. They have created one of the best hyped marketing products ever.

Hair doesn't care whether you use natural products or chemical products. It's like a sponge. Saturate it with water, squeeze it out and that's the sponges essential moisture content. More than that and it just leaks water until you squeeze it out. Adding more water to hair is the same thing. Hair can only absorb so much water (moisture) Moisturizers are carriers. They really don't moisturize. It's the creaminess of the product that makes the hair "feel good". If you want moisture, stick your head under a faucet but lock in the essential content with a non-water soluble product that lasts from shampoo to shampoo.

The only way to fix split ends is to cut them off and maintain trims every 6 to 8 weeks. Longer than that, once the hair splits it tears up the hair shaft and breaks again. Those ends never get cut so the cycle is endless until you see short hairs on the top of your head adding to the frizziness. Go to and read the information.

I have used almost every type of Organix's line and I like them! I would definitely recommend the deep conditioner in the brown bottle... I've tried so many that idk which is which lol! Some of them are very drying, though! Make sure you go for something that targets moisture!

May 14, 2012

Amanda J.

This personally is just for my hair, I din't know what would work for you. But I shampoo every other day (or more) with Mane n' Tail shampoo, and that stuff is incredible! It really does help your hair grow! My hair isn't very long, but I chopped it all off two years ago. I didn't start using Mane n' Tail till five or so months ago. At that time my hair was just around my ears. Now it's at my shoulders! ^.^ and I just make sure the conditioner I use diesn't have sulfates or alcohol in it. And when I get out of the shower I use a quarter size amount of Argan oil. I've used Wen before, and that is INCREDIBLE! It makes your hair so soft and bouncy! I also adore B&BW's volumizing shampoos and conditioners. I din't know why they're not more popular! They're incredible!!! I'm almost out of Mane n Tail, I think I'm gonna buy some B&BW this time. WEN is just so darned expensive!!! 

Jul 01, 2014

Mary J.

Okay well there's this hair care kit that comes with organic shampoo and conditioner designed to make hair soft, shiny and healthy especially if you use heat tools or hair dye. It also comes with a deep conditioning hair mask and an argan oil heat protectant that works miracles for frizz. You use it after a shower, it's not oily at all and it's actually real argan oil. The kit is called Pro Naturals argan oil system or something along those lines so look it up on their website or wherever you find it.

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