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Apr 22, 2012

Bec L.

I'm currently doing a makeup course. To be honest, I only really started getting into makeup and wearing it in the past year, never the less it has become my passion and reason to get up in the morning!

Anyway, I was thinking about starting a Youtube channel to post tutorials and such. I'm kinda nervous about doing it though, I don't take criticism too well..

How many of you guys have beauty channels? How do you take the negative comments? Do you think it is worth me starting one up? I don't think I'm really that great at makeup at the moment compared to anyone else, but I think doing something outside of school would be good for me. I don't go out much as I have anxiety so I get pretty bored around the house.

What do you guys think?

Apr 22, 2012

Alyssa B.

You can disable comments and rating when you upload the video so people can't dislike it or say anything mean. Hope this helps!

I have a makeup channel. I've gotten negative comments mostly about my hard of hearing accent, but I just ignore it now. Sure, disabling comments won't let anyone say something mean, but it won't really help you out. It won't help you eventually eye roll and delete it/block the person. If you really want to start a channel, then start one up.

Apr 22, 2012

Lauren M.

I agree with Alyssa B., if you don't want to see anything anyone has to say about your vids, just disable the comments. But I think you would be great at vids! If it's something you want to do, then you should definitely do it!
I find that there's not a lot of hate on any of the Beauty YouTubers just starting out. It's only once you get pretty popular that the meanies will come along and try to ruin it for you. (Which is almost good because you can take it as a sign of success!)
So don't worry too much about what others say because no matter how pretty, or talented, or interesting you are, someone will always feel the need to say the opposite to make themselves feel better....sad but true.
I hope your fear of what people will say doesn't stop you from making vids!
I would subscribe and support you if you chose to do so :)


Apr 22, 2012

Rina N.

I think you should start it. I would say its hard to put your name out when you have so much competition out there.But its a great experience as Alyssa said you can always disable comments and ratings. I'm just like you in terms that I don't handle criticism well, but honestly half the people that do comments like that isn't even criticism they are just hating and saying mean things. I came about to doing it because I've been watching Youtube videos for years and I know how people can get so whenever I receive my first hate I'll just brush it off cause I know they have nothing better to do then hate on someone else. Don't let it bring you down,and just continue making videos. I'm honestly not great at makeup either, I have a tons to learn but its fun just showing what you can do out there cause there are other people just like us. So you should go ahead and do it! And by the looks of it, you have talent! :)

And what also can be discouraging is when you get a crazy amount of views and very little subscribers (like me with 200,000+ views and less than 500 subscribers). It's kind of like.. wow, people are watching my videos, but... nobody likes me enough to want to watch me again?? Haha, and you just have to keep going.

And that's why I don't suggest disabling comments/ratings. You may get a butthead that says "boo!!!! you suck!!!" but c'mon, there's always going to be two more that think you're awesome, so....

(Just don't lick your brushes like one girl on YouTube did, please.)

Apr 23, 2012

Ejai S.

I'm new to Youtube as well, but I think you should definitely go for it. I've been at it for almost a year now, and I don't think I have 100 subscribers yet. But all that doesn't really matter. Once you get comments and requests, and that feeling that you helped at least 1 person,the feeling you get is great. It is hard to get your name out, but everything takes time. Plus, the more you practice and put out videos, the better you will get, and I promise the shyness goes away. Don't let the negative comments get you down or stop you. Do what makes you happy, and everything else will fall into place..Don't be afraid to share your talents or what you've learned. Just stay true to who you are.
Let me know if you decide to make an account, I'd be glad to check it out =)

Apr 23, 2012

Cinthia V.

I think it's hard to do it when you can't take critisim well. People will have A LOT to say and you need to either; take into consideration when someone says something constructive or brush off the really mean comments. Disabling the comments/rating will turn people off, I feel. Hmm, I don't know. Let us know what you decide!

Apr 25, 2012

Bec L.

Thanks for all the input guys! I think I will try to make a couple of videos soon. Maybe I will post it on Beautylish and see what you guys think :)

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Bec L.

Melbourne, Australia