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Makeup Brushes

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Apr 18, 2012

Elley C.

Hello everyone :)
Im looking into buying some good make up brushes! I currently have some knock off mac ones which are so coarse and not very dense, and they dont hold very much colour! I am in uni so i cant afford a MAC set so Im looking into getting sigma ones! but i dont know which set is the most useful the premium professional, or just an essential kit? At this stage i just do my own make up and my friends. but i have lots of colours eye shadow so i like to experiment!
Im also wondering what is the best way to care for your brushes. I have heard baby shampoo is really good, but is it better then brush cleaner? and how often should they be cleaned??
I would really appreciate your help!
Thanks dolls

Apr 18, 2012

Meg M.

I just got the Sigma Bunny Set and the Crown Enkore set. I enjoy the enkore set much more. But I still think you would need a Sigma f80 for foundation. You can use baby shampoo but I use brush cleanser I feel like it gets more of the products out especially in the brushes that are densely packed. You should clean your make up brushes at least foundation brush every few times and the rest of your brushes once a week. 

Apr 19, 2012

Shelly T.

Care-wise I use baby shampoo and brush cleanser, though not at the same time. Brush cleanser for spot cleaning, baby shampoo for deep cleaning. Meg's pretty much spot on in regards to how often you should clean your brushes.

Sets... If you're set on Sigma, go with the Essential Kit, then buy an F80.

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