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Drugstore Mascara

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Aug 12, 2012

Priya C.

What's the best lengthening drugstore mascara?

Aug 13, 2012

Shinay W.

I love voluminous by loreal, scandaleyes by rimmel & omg almost every maybelline mascar i have tried made my lashes look amazing (Turbo, Falsies, Plush)

Aug 13, 2012

Mia M.

Loreal voluminous false fiber lashes is my favorite for length and Loreal voluminous extra volume collagen is my favorite for volume I use both daily 

Aug 13, 2012

Samantha L.

my two favorites are loreal telescopic mascara, it really gives you a lot of length on your lashes. & the other one that I'm completely in love with, is the revlon grow lucious plumping mascara. it not only adds perfect length but also gives your lashes a lot of volume without being clumpy. & here's the best part, there's a serum in the mascara that actually helps your eyelashes grow & keep them healthy! & yes it does actually work! it's my favorite, I highly recommend it. & I got it for $4.74 at target! ..perfect

Aug 13, 2012

Julia-rose S.

ScandalEyes by Rimmel is my new favorite. Otherwise, I think Falsies by Maybelline.

Aug 14, 2012

Charissa N.

I love loreal telescopic.... My moms new favorite is scandalash by Rimmel I think I got the name right on that one lol

Aug 25, 2012

Mary P.

Maybelline Lash Stiletto! 

Aug 25, 2012

Romelia M.

ScandalEyes by Rimmel is great!

Aug 25, 2012

Dana M.

Basically anything by loreal.

I like falsies & maybellin lash stiletto

Aug 25, 2012

Rachael O.

Megaplush is fantastic. Doesnt leave them cakey feeling and gives volume :)

Aug 25, 2012

LaShawn R.

I love lash stiletto !

Aug 29, 2012

Kalynn K.

I really like Maybelline's Illegal Lengths, L'oreal Voluminous, Covergirl Lashblast and RImmel ScandalEyes 

Aug 30, 2012

Michelle C.

Almay Get Up & Grow & L'oreal Voluminous Full Definition Mascara

Aug 31, 2012

Simera H.

I swear by Loreal Voluminous Mascara

Sep 17, 2012

Mandy J.

maybelline falsie

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