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What are some of your favorite hair styles?

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Aug 09, 2012

Lexie K.

For work, school, party, whatever it is!! What are your favorite styles to wear, and how do you do them?

Aug 10, 2012

Gazzy G.

My favorite is the messy bun! For me it's really easy to do since i have thick hair, i just tie it up give it a little ruffle and use a couple bobby pins and i'm good to go! I mostly wear my hair down natural because that's what suits you most no matter what you think! ;p

Aug 11, 2012

Heidi C.

I love the faux bob with curly hair. 

Aug 11, 2012

Kelly G.

I love messy updo. I can't remember which designer decided that was a legitimate style a few years back, but bless them.
I curl my hair with a diffuser and garnier curling creme. Then I back comb a little at the crown and sides. I gather it up in four or five little mini buns at the back of my head. Secure with bobby pins. I always add a big hair accessory in the back too. Or sometimes a cluster of three or four little ones. 

Aug 17, 2012

Latia C.

My favorite hairstyle has to be heatless waves, or braid out, as they're also called. What I do is braid my hair in about 6-15 braids (depending on how defined you want your curl/wave to be) and I roll the ends up with satin rollers to protect them at night. In the morning, I take down my braids, fluff out my hair, and I'm ready for the day.

I also enjoy doing my curls with flexi-rods, but only on straight hair. I moisturize my hair, seal in the moisture with an organic oil (I've been using coconut oil lately), section off my hair into how ever many sections, and roll up my hair after applying some mousse. I sleep in my flexi-rods because it's way too hot right now to sit under a hooded dryer and in the morning, I take all the rollers out and fluff out my hair, just like I do my braid out. I'm left with gorgeous curls that last all day. You can look at the photo to see what I mean =).

Aug 17, 2012

Emily J.

i love wearing the short hair styles when front is long and back is short and french braids

Aug 17, 2012

Rachael O.

I like doing the french twist because you can do it so quickly and it looks both elegant & casual. I still seem to have a lil trouble getting it just right tho. Any of you ladies have a couple tips by chance? :)

Aug 17, 2012

Ashley C.

Waves! Anything with waves in!

Aug 17, 2012

Bekah R.

A French braid in position either as a headband or bordering my face and I usually bring it into a low side pony or just continue the braid all the way down. Quick and pretty

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