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Black Soap

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Aug 08, 2012

Non S.

I know there are some older threads on this topic, but they're pretty old. So I bought a bar of black soap at my local discount store today on impluse. In truth I'm too lazy to get up & get the box out of the trash. It was only a buck. That said, I went to one of the *beauty supply stores that caters to the black community in my city and there were a multitude of brands to chose from that I ended up coming home empty handed. Is there one brand that you guys like/have success with?

It definitely was an impulse buy, as I've had really good luck with Japanese charcol wash...

*OT, but you must watch Chris Rock's documentary "Good Hair"

Aug 09, 2012

Sheena C.

There's this japanese charcoal wash I bought a while ago at a japanese market. I'm not exactly sure of the brand name but it's a nice exfoliant and it leaves my skin feeling fresh. Generally though, for my body I use organic bar soaps from Whole Foods. I used to break a lot last year and ever since I used organic soap, it worked wonders for me. :)

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