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Urban Decay's NAKED Basics

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Unknown when it's coming out.
Images by Eric Jimenez

That looks interesting... 

Aug 19, 2012

Mary P.

ehhh, cute but not interested since i already have both Naked palette and Naked2 palette

Aug 19, 2012

Lorena C.

Will they be all matte shades perhaps? Because in that case I may be interested, despite also already having both Nakeds. They should just make the Naked3 all mattes. It's what people were expecting in the Naked2 anyways =)

They are just milking it, aren't they?

From my understanding NAKED Basics is all matte.

Aug 20, 2012

Raisa J.

these look like they would make amazing highlighting eyeshadows, and I lovvveeeee light colors and whites and creams... Hmmm

Aug 20, 2012

Nadia N.

I think I am gonna skip this already got the 2 Naked palettes!

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