Bandana trick

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Aug 19, 2012

Tessa H.

So guys cause i can't find my vid cam i am gunna tell you

1. Put your hair in an elastic or hair tye
2. Fold your bandana so it length is the longest it can get
3. put the back of you bandana at the back of your head under your ponytail or pigtail whatever floats your boat
4. tie it up at the frount you can put it to the side a bit or it can stick right up

Hope you like this trick it can be a back-to-school look it can be to a wedding or party even a disco what ever tickles your pickil (i don't like them =P) you can were it on bandana day this hair style only talks 2 to 3 mins you if you are running late (like i offtern do) to catch the bus to school or work or you need to get to school early this is a super cute and easy trick you can use any type of bandana

Thanks for looking at this

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