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Starting a MUA career in the DC area

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Jun 05, 2012

Brittny W.

So I will be starting cosmetology school in the fall, but I would love to start working in the field now. I've been practicing doing makeup on some friends and family members but I'm interested getting some real working experience.

Is there anyone in the are (DC, western Maryland, or Northern Virginia) that can give any advice/tips that can help me get in the field?

Try applying at stores like Sephora and counters inside Macys or Nordstroms...those are always nice gateways into the industry. And also you should be trying to volunteer at as many events as you can

I started my career in the DC area as well. Although I didn't go to school, I just jumped right in. My advice is pay a great photographer (keyword is PAY, don't find someone who will work for free because their work will be mediocre at best) to help build your portfolio. Then pay someone to build you a very professional looking website (clients often look at the overall look of your site and instantly make the judgement whether you are professional or not based on how clean the site looks.). Lastly, pay for advertising. This last piece of advice is most crucial. You have to be seen to be hired. Word of mouth business does NOT cut it when first starting out.

Jun 12, 2012

Brittny W.

Thanks ladies! I appreciate the advice.

Aug 22, 2013

Sidory D.

I suggest practicing and research the kind of market you can get into where you are located and the surrounding cities. Start there. I did not attend school, I am not sure everything can be taught as easily as I learned, but in saying this I trained many artists who had little to no formal training on was able to exceed all goals in a retail beauty setting and later on in their careers using the technical knowledge they acquired working every day on real people. I realize this thread is old, but if you still need advice let me know.

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