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Red Hair Dye For Dark Hair

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May 17, 2012

Tehani S.

Need some good products that i can use! Want bright red like the little mermaid color but my hair is almost black! Tryna find a way with blenching my hair

May 18, 2012

Ashley H.

id check out this video :)

May 18, 2012

Ashley G.

Try the Garnier dye. They have one that's made to use on dark hair. It's what I use and it really does make your hair very bright.

May 18, 2012

Angela C.

L'Oreal Excellence HiColor
I use a mix of red and magenta, but the red is a serious red - no bleaching, no need to pre-lighten, this is meant for dark hair!

Remember that regardless of which product you choose, red color just doesn't stay. You'll need to take good care of that color and do touch-ups more frequently than you would with any other color.

May 19, 2012

Jennie A.

Loreal Hicolor i used it for the profile pic to the right they also have brighter reds!! it works amazingly well loved it!!! Also get a color protein filler in red red from sallys with it!!!

May 22, 2012

Crystal G.

I agree with the girl above Loreal hi color is the best. it's what I've been using for my hair

May 22, 2012

Jessica T.

I had jet black dyed hair I had to strip the black out, I used loreal color remover until my hair turned a redish orange and then applied loreal excellence hicolor in magenta with 30 vol developer. If your did not dye your hair dark and that is your natural color, then all you will need will be the loreal excellence hicolor in which ever shade of red you want with developer and it will work wonders on your dark hair. Just keep in mind red hair is very high maintenance it will fade like there is no tomorrow but, it is a very fun hair color and I am sure you will look gorgeous!

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Tehani S.