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How to get 'flawless' legs?

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Hey all (:
So my prom is coming up and with a high-low dress I could use some tips on how to get 'flawless' looking legs. You know, tanned with a nice shine to them?

I'm mostly interested in the 'shine' part. I've heard of products like Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs, The Body Shop Leg Shine, Benefit Take A Picture... etc. If you use any products like these, please share your experiences with them and which one you think is the best! Thank you! (:

I have never tried products such as Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs yet have always been curious so I would also love to hear what people have to say!

Jun 09, 2012

Kendra F.

For shiny legs, I use mix my body lotion with Shea Butter Vaseline in my hand right before I rub it in. It works really well and I get compliments. As far as tanning them...I can't help lol I already have a tan skin tone but if you do tan, always wear sunscreen.

Jun 09, 2012

Jen R.

I've been using Sally Hansen Airbrush legs for about 6 years now. It really does give you airbrushed, flawless legs. The only thing I must warn you about is that it comes off on your clothes, and it will stain your bedsheets if you don't wash it off before-hand. Can't beat the look for leg shine, there are cheaper options as mentioned above...I have a product called Leg Shine by Michael Kors which Sephora used to sell...I'm not sure if they still have it or not,

baby oil gel...yup its in the baby care section...don't use a ton..but a dime size will cover one leg and gives you that sexy glowing leg look..hope prom goes great! xo sarahann

Jun 09, 2012

Marcela F.

I love Sally Hansens Air brush legs! Apply baby oil right after showering and pat dry( Neutrogena Body Oil is great, not TOO oily). Moisturize and apply the airbrush! ;)

use sugar mixed with extra virgin olive oil on your legs first to exfoliate them. then wash it away in the shower. then wax/shave them. then PAT them dry so you dont irritate the hair free skin. then apply a rich moisturiser (you can use something like baby oil because it gives your legs a shine. when using baby oil, get straight out of the shower and DON'T dry, just apply the oil straight onto wet legs, then PAT dry the area to lock in the moisture). then apply some sort of bronzing cream like the lotions infused with tanning ingredients. then use a shimmer stick/highlighter along the front of the leg to make them look skinnier. then apply foundation around the rest of the leg, and set the shimmer stick with a powder highlighter. i have prom too on june 28th :) xx

Jun 12, 2012

Morgan B.

Honestly, right after i shave and shower, i use johnson and johnson body gel as a moisturizer. My skin glows, and many people notice. Id also consider using a bronzer for a more contoured flawless look.

Jun 13, 2012

Aman K.

I shave using Gillette Venus Embrace it has 5 blades so it gives you a smoother and closer shave. I then use dead sea spa magik silky smooth body lotion (ahah long name right?) let that soak in finally i use a big bronzing brush and use a cheap dugstore bronzer and apply lightly all over you legs VOLIA! smooth flawless legs!x

Jun 14, 2012

Âlana Â.

First exfoliate- use any exfoliator you have or just a regular body wash with a loofah
Second wax- When you wax it removes the hair follicle, so when you're done you won't see the black dots on your legs
Third cold water-this will close your pores (to a degree hun')
Fourth alchohol- rubbing alchohol or witch hazel, anything to close the pores on your legs quickly.
(to avoid an ingrown hair, make sure you do that or use a product with strong buffered fatty alcohol, which is just like alchohol, but less sting)
Fifth moisture- Put baby oil, or lotion on your legs, and a lot of it.. let it dry
Sixth conceal-if you have any leg scars get body makeup in your shade, or use a full coverage concealor and put it on the scars

extra tips:
drink water
take vitamins
moisturize and exfoliate everyday
take long BATHS (soak your legs in water a lot)
and adding shimmer and bronzing powder to a tinted moisturizer and putting that on after the lotion/baby oil dries is a major thumbs up too

( if you were a swimmer, you would have a nice shine to you already because you're in the water all the time and being in the sun would give you a tan which makes the shine more noticeable)

Thanks for all of your help, ladies! I ended up buying the SH one, hopefully it works out well! (:

Jun 24, 2012

Livvy P.

Garnier 7 day mousturizer works amazingly on my legs,have a good prom!

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