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Which Hair Dye Lasts The Longest?

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Jan 07, 2013

Maddie R.

Not like regular color hair dye, I want to dye a price of my hair purple and it seems like no dyes last more than a month. Any suggestions?

Jan 07, 2013

Aisha D.

prefessionaly done

Jan 07, 2013

Brooke E.

Manic Panic tends to last the longest. But with it you also have to wash your hair a lot less in order to maintain it. Professional dye can last longer but there's only "fashion" colours there, which fade relatively quickly. I had purple toned reds in my hair and it two weeks to fade. But with Manic Panic, just mix some in with conditioner and you should be fine!

Jan 08, 2013

Jordan R.

I don't like manic panic xP try punky-color. Lasts longer for me, and smells AMAZING O.o

Jan 08, 2013

Courtney B.

Manic Panic lasts about a week for me. Jerome Russell Punky Colors lasts the longest-- their pinks and purples tend to last about 3-4 weeks for me before I have to retouch. If you add a bit of the dye to your conditioner, like Brooke said, it'll give your color a boost.

Jan 08, 2013

Natalie T.

I personally like Special Effects the most. It lasts the longest, has amazing color selection, and I find it to be the most vibrant!

Jan 08, 2013

Amelia L.

I second on the special effects. manic panic blows chunks 

Any color bright color that you choose (pink, purple, blue etc.) will not last any longer than 8 weeks, usually 4-6 weeks. That is because they are not a permanent color. They are semi or demi permanent, that is, they are formulated to wash out a little, or a lot, each time you wash your hair. The best way to get most out of your color is in the processing (the time the dye sits on your hair ) Heat is the best method as it raises the cuticle on the hair shaft and allows the color to penetrate deeper into the hair, Unless you have access to a salon dryer, this can be achieved by using a plastic shower cap over the hair and then wrapping a towel turban style around your head.. Leave on for 30 min. You can help the process by using your hair dryer to heat things up before you wrap the towel around your head. Use a medium heat and do not get it too close the plastic shower cap or up under the cap, as this will dry out the dye and cause it to stop working. If you are wanting to do a vibrant red, you can go to Sally's and get a permanent red color that you mix with a developer. Hope this helped :)

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