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Morphe 350 shadow allergy reaction.

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Jan 24, 2016

Arii B.

Has anyone suffered an allergic reaction from morphe eyeshadows? I just feel my left eye heavy and irritated :( this used to happen with the 88 color palettes from coastals scents. But I do love the 350 and want to continue using... Please help.

Jan 25, 2016

Makeup A.

I'd find something different..eyelid allergies are not fun. In a pinch, try a base or primer underneath to create a barrier

Feb 11, 2016

Gwen R.

I have had an allergic reaction on and off for the past couple months and I think it might be the Morphe pallets. The timeline just seems about right based on when I got my first one. I REALLY hope this isn't the case because I love, love, LOVE these pallets and use them almost daily. I am going to cut them out for a couple weeks and then reintroduce them and see what happens. Did you figure out if it was the 350 pallet yet?

Aug 07, 2017

Amy V.

I'm gutted. Got a morphs palette for my birthday and have used it since. I thought I was allergic to my concealer but no. I have very sensitive eyes and after one day of wearing the eye shadows my eyes got so itchy and having woken up the morning after they're super red and the lids are swollen. It sucks. The morphe palette is my favourite. And no amount of primer beneath has helped! :(

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