Coconut oil ruined my hair!!


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May 27, 2016

Kel R.

Yep you read that correctly!! Coconut oil KILLED my hair!!

I have only used 4 treatments of pure organic coconut oil and my fair is falling out and breaking off in clumps!!

My hair was in good condition before using the oil considering it's been bleached so much and used heat. And since using coconut oil... It's just a horrid mess.


I'm so worried my hair is just going to fall out and snap off completely soon and I can't handle the thought of that.

Please help me and yes I know it's because of too much protein (I've done why research on why this happened). I just want to know how to fix it or save my hair :((

May 27, 2016

Chelle W.

You're right about the too much protein part. counteract with moisture moisture moisture! Stay away from protein products until you nurse your hair back to life. That includes products with avocado and banana. Deep condition your hair weekly. Shea Moisture has a great deep condish for low porosity hair. it's literally called their Low Porosity line. Meaning it has no protein because ppl with low porosity hair are protein sensitive. Stay away from heat as well! And try low manipulation styling. keep your hands out of your hair if you can. don't do any tight ponies or buns, any tight braiding or twisting. Find a go to laid back loose style and rock with it.
I hope this helps love

May 27, 2016

Madi M.

@Kel R. Omg that's insane what happened to your hair!! I'm so sorry Hun!! I use coconut oil in my hair, I recently just started and I haven't had this problem but if I do at least I know that I should research it like you did as well! I hope your hair gets better soon! 😊

May 28, 2016

Kel R.

Thank you so much to you both!! I'm honestly devastated. I added a photo of the amount of hair that fell out/broke just by running my hands threw it. I'm hoping I can save it... :(

Oct 24, 2016

Dana A.

Hi Kel! The same exact thing happened to me!! I thought I was anemic because so much hair has fallen off, I used to have natural wavy healthy hair and coconut oil damaged it. Now it's dry brittle and weak. Have you found a solution?

Nov 01, 2016

Lin F.

I hate to say this Kel but I think you will probably have to get all the damaged ends cut off. My damage was caused by exposure to radiotherapy (not normal at all apparently). I had 2" cut off all over first but I did not suffer any loss of hair then on my hairdresser's rec I got Pro Naturals Moroccan argan oil hair repair system. Started using it back in 2014. I think it took around 4 months to get my hair back in shape. Take a read of their website. I use the argan oil applied to damp hair as a leave in conditioner/heat protectant after EVERY shampoo but before blow drying/heat styling. My hair is short so only need half a teaspoon applied mainly to the ends & up the hair shaft. Still use it, but only every 7 shampoos and this keeps my hair in good condition.