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Most Loved + Hated Nail Polish

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Jan 09, 2013

Pamela F.

hellllooo. ive seen alot of 'favourite colour nail polish' threads so i thought id try a most hated (or disappointed is maybe a better word) along side your favourite goes...

love opi's absolutely alice (mmm glitter)

hate opi's princesses rule (this colour is raved about all the time but i thought it was a horrid shade and the application left alot to be desired)

yeas i def love opi!!! gosh some are just so gloppy and thick!!! i dont like sally hansen insta dry or this weird brand called konad is horrible!!! lol not to be a hater god luck with your hunt

Jan 11, 2013

Lindsey C.

I got this china glaze glitter polish recently that I hated. Chipped off in less than a day in huge clumps

Jan 11, 2013

Payton K.

Love Essie Sew Pysched, Hate Essie Shifting Power it was too thin(: Heres my nails a few months ago with gradient using both colors

Jan 11, 2013

Lizz D.

As much as i live O.P.I. i hated their nail polish sephora in blasted black. it was hard to take off! my most loved was icings power to the pink

Jan 20, 2013

Jo J.

I was given some boots no.7 varnishes for Christmas and they are awful. theory are streaky when applied and even tho I use a sally Hansen base coat they stain my nails. its a shame because the colours are nice (red, purple, teal & gold) 

Jan 21, 2013

Chloe G.

I really love the American Apparel nail lacquers. So pretty and they dry quickly.

Jan 21, 2013

Tessa F.

i love paris memories, its a super cheap polish (1 euro at douglas). really easy to put on, 1 layer is usually enough and they have so many different colours. its also great for nail art, its easy to dot and draw with. best 34 euros I've ever spent! (yes I do own 34 different colours haha) 

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Pamela F.

Fife, Scotland