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Freelance Makeup Artist at MAC

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I'm in need of some motivation right now...I've only been a freelance makeup artist for MAC for a month now. And I know it's going to take consistency and hard work to become a professional there. I just want to be reassured that it'll be worth it because I love what I do.

Jan 09, 2013

Shelley W.

To go pro isnt going to happen overnight. I'm not a MUA myself but I recently met one who is pro at MAC and it wasn't handed to her on a silver platter. So many girls would love to be in your position right now. If going pro is what you strive for then yes its worth it. You want to go pro...act like one starting today. Watch and follow what the pro's do. Have that pro mentality and trust me... .that level of confidence will translate in your work and the powers that be might say;" You know what lets put Brandy G. in the next level. She IS pro material." I don't know your background but I know when someone is passionate but yet is struggling to hang in there. Don't give up because this obviously something you dream of and if you give up now you will never know how high you can go. xxxxx

Jan 09, 2013

Erica B.

If you are passionate about what you do, then stick with it. As Shelley said it is not going to be given to you on a silver platter. My friend started as freelance with Mac and then came pro. It takes time and hard work. Hell, I would love to have your position!!! Give it to me! Lol good luck and hang in there. It will all be worth it.

Thank you Shelly and Erica, you both really opened my eyes. I am for sure going to take yalls advice.

Jan 09, 2013

Kat T.

Make a lasting impression on your clients & make sure they know your name! If your passion is there you'll know the tips & tricks & ingredients & advice to give - make sure they remember YOU! Create your own following at the counters that you work at! It takes time but it will happen!

Thank you Kat!!!

Jan 25, 2013

Tonya J.


Jan 25, 2013

Erica L.

Brandy, I started as a freelancer with MAC and I am now full time. We do not have a pro store in my area but if offered a position, I'd transfer. I strive to one day be educator for our southeast region. My goal and focus is what got me a permanent position at counter over 3 girls who had been there longer than me <3

Jan 25, 2013

Mary B.

What you're doing is Definitely worth it!! Take this opportunity to examine each calendar that you work at, the atmosphere, the artists, and the customers. This is your opportunity to make connections and build networks within the company. This is how you get a store position. Your energy your creativity and how you present yourself all gets noticed. Ultimately, you will decide where you want to work. This is based on your knowledge of where you have a freelance. Freelancing gives you the opportunity to know which stores you like to work at and which stores you don't. This is also the time to really pay attention to the artists who work at each counter, what their accountable for, and what their entail. Holding a position at counter is a huge responsibility. Connect with all of the artists that you can while you're working so that you can learn the roles that you will eventually be in. I suggest that you start working on how to make a face chart look beautiful, Learning product knowledge on all the items that Mac sells, And paying close attention to the order in which things are placed on shelves according to color in store. Also, asking for feedback after each shift even from artists, is a great way to know how you're doing and where you need improvement.

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