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Dollar Tree Makeup

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Feb 16, 2013

Amber P.

It sounds crazy but dollar tree has some really good beauty supplies! I have their eye shadow, nail polish, lip gloss, eye liner, and concealer and they are actually really good and for only a dollar you can't beat that!

Feb 16, 2013

William W.

Nice I help my gbf's with there nail polish and hair and make up and clothes so hey at least ik a cheap place for suplies

Feb 16, 2013

Danielle G.

The best nail polish I've ever bought was from the dollar store (:

Feb 16, 2013

Rose H.

Makeup good some of nail stuff... Not very good get what you pay gor.

Feb 16, 2013

Geneva J.

I've actually found a lot of good elf products & brushes there, I love dollar tree c:

Feb 16, 2013

Rose D.

I love Dollar Tree makeup.

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