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Do Biotin Pills Make You Gain Weight?


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Jan 28, 2013

Amber D.

I'm curious if its true or not. ive been taking them for a while and ive noticed ive been gaining weight. I'm curious to know if its true or not.

Jan 28, 2013

Alyaa R.

it will increase ur appetite.

Jan 28, 2013

Erica L.

Oh my, Amber!! I've been taking my biotin for about a month now and have noticed my appetite has been through the roof. I had no idea to think of my biotin being the reason.... Very interesting.

Jan 28, 2013

Caitlin M.

I was literally just reading through reviews of biotin on Amazon today and some did say they thought it was making them gain weight. Some also said it gave them acne as well as made the hair on their faces grow longer too. So I'd keep an eye out for these while on it. The acne thing made me change my mind about trying it. I decided it wasn't worth risking the clarity I've just started to achieve.

Jan 28, 2013

Amber D.

thanks for the help girlss :)

Jan 28, 2013

Ashley C.

It didnt for me. But it also didnt help my hair grow. Haha :// 

Jan 28, 2013

Megan G.

not at all, it made my hair nicer and nails grow fast

Jan 28, 2013

Anna I.

it made ny face break out bad 

Jan 29, 2013

Bianca O.

Omg that's y I haven't been losing weight. So it's either nice hair and nails or nice body. Well that's great lol

Jan 29, 2013

Andrea B.

I've noticed since taking it I'm STARVING ALL THE TIME! 

Jan 29, 2013

Erin L.

Holy crap. This explains so much. 

Jan 29, 2013

Katie P.

It made my acne worse than it already was at the time. It was bad!

Oct 18, 2013

Ashley B.

I have always had a high metabolism and I'm very active, so I don't really worry about weight gain. I eat very healthy and work out regularly. I'm 5'5 and normally weight anywhere from 116-118. I've been taking biotin 5,000mcg twice a day for the past 7 months and have gained weight!! I have gained about 12 pounds. I couldn't figure out why I had gained the weight. So I started exercising even more and couldn't lose the weight. Even though I love what biotin has done for my hair and skin, it's just not worth the weight gain. This makes so much sense. I am going to stop taking it from now on. Thanks for sharing your experiences, ladies! This has really helped me.

Oct 20, 2013

Alexis S.

Completely agree with Ashley! I am very active as well and eat healthy like 95% of the time and I have definitely noticed weight gain. IT MAKES YOU CONSTANTLY HUNGRY! It's uncontrollable! Also I use an acne treatment that is VERY effective and since I started taking Biotin my face has gotten considerably worse. So yep. You either get good hair and nails or you get acne and weight gain. Your choice.

Feb 17, 2014

Jewyll W.

For me yes biotin makes you gain weight. I started taking biotin my hair did get longer quickly my nails also but I was gaining weight extremely fas?t. 15 pounDS in one week of taking biotin.I I also felt bloated constantly.I stopped taking biotin for a month. ose the weight immediately and no bloating.I started back taking biotin again just a week I gained 10 pounds again.

Feb 17, 2014

Jewyll W.

I'm no longer taking biotin. I'll try other methods for healthy hair and nails
I also excercise regulary..biotin really did not help weight issue s for me.

Feb 25, 2014

Candy P.

I thought it was helping my hair but I've started to notice my appetite has been through the roof I'm starving even after I eat, it's also causing unwanted breakouts (not that they are ever wanted) I'm definitely quitting them ASAP.

Apr 09, 2014

Lin P.

OK I have been taking it for about 2 months and all of a sudden I noticed I'm extremely bloated and feel like I definitely gained weight! Since I haven't really been doing anything else different, I suspected maybe it was the extra biotin and now here's all these other testimonials! Thank you..I thought I was going bonkers! BTW while I DID experience bloating and weight gain I also did see an improvement in my nails (which was the main reason I started bc I have very thin nails) and even my hair (including leg hair was growing super fast) but I personally did not experience acne problems, nor did I feel increased ApPetite, just weight gain from not doing anything much different. (but I did crave a lot of nuts! - weird) OMG for me I guess it's a choice now, thicker nails or thinner me… that's a no brainer.. guess I'm going off the biotin!!

Apr 16, 2014

Lin P.

Just wanted to do a quick follow up to my above report in hopes that it helps others. Immediately after I noticed the EXTREME bloating and read NUMEROUS reports from others how the biotin affected them I was dumbfounded. Although I was taking it for weeks, it seemed like I became symptomatic almost overnight. Now after not taking ANY vitamins for just 4 days or so (I just wanted to get off ANY additional B intake so I even ditched my multivitamin since even that has some) but after the 4th day of being off, the bloating has gone down significantly. I am left with some residual weight gain, but now that I've pinpointed the problem I'm confident I can lose it fairly quickly through regular diet and exercise. I'm pretty active so hopefully that weight won't stick like glue! OK all that said the weird thing was that as soon as I went OFF the biotin, THEN I DID experience an increase in actual appetite, which I did NOT have when I was ON it. I attribute this to my body just saying wtf and trying to RE-regulate itself. I'm just making sure to respond by eating healthy foods that won't add extra lbs. So far so good being off it but wow, what a lesson. One last thing, I'm no doctor but when I was discussing this whole thing with someone, they suggested that it seemed as if the biotin almost acted like a steroid-bc steroids give you almost those same exact symptoms! Think about it - the increased appetite, weight gain, acne breakouts, bloating - all symptoms like steroids! Again, I'm no doctor but just something to think about! If you are considering taking biotin, think twice! Unless your doctor or nutritionist REALLY recommend it I would steer clear. Make sure the benefits are going to outweigh these extreme side affects, and pay attention to your body if you go ahead with it. Some of these vitamins can almost be like taking medications so proceed with caution. If I remember I will try to post an additional update in maybe a few weeks about the weight gain. Meanwhile, peace, health and love to all!

Apr 25, 2014

Yareli B.

I've been taking them over a year now & yes I love my hair nails Ect I've been experimenting with them. I've gained weight, breaking out like crazy but I want to start just taking them week days then cutting it back to 3 times a week & Ect so ladies I do not recommend biotin!!

Jun 05, 2014

Bella T.

I took biotin for 6 days and experienced a lot of sides effects and the only thing changed in my life was the 5000 mg biotin intake. I interrupted the treatment but still am experiencing the bloating and huge appetite. My question is how long will it take for my body to come back to its normal state like before the biotin?

Aug 14, 2014

Jeanai C.

Weight gain is usually caused by water retention and the only thing to stop that is to drink more water and eat less sodium. water although it may seem counteractive, helps to break water retention. solo if you're taking more than 1000 mcg a day, you need to be drink in more water than ever to break that. it WILL increase your appetite but you have to know that you need to control your diet the normal way you used to.

This was all very helpful for me too lol. because I'm also trying to lose weight

Oct 16, 2014

Adrienne S.

Hey Ladies :) I want to say yes biotin does make you gain weight and fast! Anything over 1000mcg for me does it. I'm ok if I stick with 1000mcg the weight does come off once I come back down to that MCG. I was just on 2500 gnc biotin it was working on my hair and skin but it's too much for me. I tried 5,000 and 10,000 before lmao I was blowing up fast! I'm 5'1 and normally around low 120's. I now weigh 136.5 believe me I'm working on losing the weight!

Jan 18, 2015

Sid B.

Ladies all of your comments have been so helpful... I'm 46 and have had weight loss surgery I've lost 152lbs for almost 4yrs now. I recently about 3 weeks ago started taking 1000mcg Biotin as advised by my cousin to thicken my hair. And strangely have been eating even more than I can take in. I'm constantly hungry and I have gained 6lbs added on to the 6 I gained during the holidays lol. I started to panic that my surgical procedure was starting to fail.
Your comments have truly helped me. Now I have to get this 12lbs off of me for good. Good luck to you all.

Jan 29, 2015

Quinn M.

I found this page on google. I'm a man and I created an account just to say that I have experienced these results too. I've been taking biotin 5000mcg to grow my facial hair and it works well. So good in fact that I even took 2 pills a day at one point because I wasn't noticing side effects. Well its been a few months now and I definitely am experiencing the bloating, weight gain (about 10 pounds), and acne, all of this although my normal routines havent changed. I've been on a steroid before so I completely agree with Lin, biotin acts ALOT like a steroid! I'm disappointed that no other websites warns of this including amazon. I like what it does for my hair so I think ill drop to maybe 3 pills a week and drink as much water as I can stand a day... Also, I think the benefits of biotin (hair and nail growth) decrease when the side effects start showing so Im going to see if drinking alot of water daily reverses everything...