Beauty Product Reviews

Okay if you like simple, neutral looks

Quality : Overall, these eyeshadows are soft and blendable. The pigmentation is decent, but certainly not impressive. The lighter colors (dimebag, tequila, and clay) are quite sheer, so use a colored or extra sticky base under these colors. You can definitely make the lighter colors work but just takes some effort. The darker colors are decent, and the black is fabulous, but for the majority of the palette, they probably won't show up on your skin if your complexion is any darker than mine. I'll let these swatches speak for themselves. I want to say that the quality is similar to Maybelline eyeshadows. They're slightly powdery and delivers decent pigment, but again, they're not amazing.

Final Verdict: If you're looking for a palette with fairly wearable colors, and you want to break into color, this palette is for you. While the site describes it as "edgy-glam," I honestly don't think the eyeshadows deliver this promise. I do love the packaging, inside and out, and I will reach for this palette when I want to do a day look. I don't particularly like the neutral colors in this palette, because they're too shimmy, and I would have much preferred some taupes or rich chocolate browns as opposed to coppers. Even though my skin is not particularly dark, I think I'll have to use a paint pot under these eyeshadows. Definitely not worth the $34, and I would not buy it again.