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Beauty Product Reviews

No Creasing, YAY

I had heard about this product for a long time, and I was in my mall the store 'Amuse' I THINK. And I was going through the make-up for Prom. And I saw the jumbo pencils, and I looked on the able saw it was NYX and I was like "I have to." So I used it a couple days later as a base, and I put on my eyeshadow (Ironically NYX and ELF) and by the time I got home that day, it was still flawless. I recommend this product without a doubt!

Best, Glitter Eyeliner!

I got thing about 4 or 5 years ago, and I never thought that I would wear it. (I was new at make-up) I started using it last ear, and I absoluteness love it!! I have the purple, which I forget what it's called, the lable wore of. But it makes virtually any eye pop, and any make-up spicy, and less boring. Just recently, I did a orange pretty look, and I did a double wing liner, and I used this over the above the black and extended it a bit longer, and it looked sooo nice, not only did it make my green eyes vibrant, it make it just so nice. It's my go to liner, when I'm not sure what to do next :D I'm hoping that , I can get some more tooo.

It's a product I do not regret buying

I LOVE THIS STUFF I haven't done a complete foundation for it yet, but I am really loving it!! It like... blends in with your skin color :)))

You can put your concealer on first, and then slap this on, it's light, but extremely liquify. I do not like liquid products, but a little goes a long way. (Found that out the hard way)

I use it all the time!

I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!!!!!!! I use it in the morning after my foundation, and it's such a quick and beautiful way to brighten up your look without taking forever.! I never leave with out it! It's legit, the best thing. I've loved it ever since I bought it last month