Beauty Product Reviews

Great Colors but...

I was super excited to get this palette for such a great price. There is only one issue. TO MUCH FALL OUT! I have been working with it lately and I am if I build the color there is not as much fall out. It is great for the price, but the clean up it no fun.


So many colors!!! I am not sure why we even need to review MAC products... they don't disappoint very often. Colors last and are wonderful. Any formulation you want it is there. My last purchase was Russian Red!

I so love MAC eye shadows. Since I am a Pro I have almost all of the colors. They have the best payoff and they last last last. It is worth every penny!!!

Works well for the price

I purchased this because of all of the great reviews I have read. It is well worth the money. It is very similar to Nars Orgasm but not a true match. It is a product that I have to carry with me due to the fact that it doesn't last all day. Maybe if I put it on heavier.... no thanks!

Does what it says

I have 4 of the colors available. I purchased them due to the fact that I was only able to get one bottle of the OPI brand. They work just as they say. You must put on a thin coat, if the coat is to think it will crack with wide gaps, a thinner layer just cracks better. It dries very matte so if you want it glossy you need to add a topcoat. It is fun to experiment with different base coats. I prefer a metallic base coat under mine, but I have used non metallic as well. Just play and have fun!