Beauty Product Reviews

In comparison to their 6-pan shadows, these fall short just a bit. But still an amazing palette on its own!

Petal Pusher is one of three different eight-pan palettes released earlier this year. A generally pink/purple cool themed palette, the colors range from light to dark. If categorized, the left column is more of a daytime palette, and the right column is nighttime.

The snap case is a little too strong for my liking. I've noticed this as a trend in the other new palettes as well. The snap to close the case is so strong, and the shadows are so soft, that simply closing the case, sometimes shakes the shadow loose. I have a single eyeshadow that completely shattered when I was in a rush and snapped close the case.

The overall square packaging is nice and compact. The dual ended sponge tip applicator and brush is a great way to incorporate the signature from the 6-pan palettes. I almost wish there was a mirror included as well like the older, discontinued Ultimate Expressions Palettes. But the clear top is still great when you're trying to locate these palettes.

The quality of this palette seems to all over the place (some shadow are great, some missed the mark) in comparison to all the other solid performing Wet 'n' Wild palettes, however this palette is still one of the best quality and value in the drugstore.