Beauty Product Reviews

Perfect black smokey eye

Love Nudestix so much, the shade in night is such a rich long lasting black, you can use as a liner or a great way to smoke out your eye for the evening.

Obsessed with Nudestix

Love the magnetic eye colors they are super long lasting, easy to use, and everything is so well though out with packaging, including the sharpener with the little pick! Love Twilight for everyday quick eye color that is not fuss or mess.

Super hydrating & plumping

The magic cream is perfect for rough days when you skin just isn't working with you. A little goes a long way. It is very thick and hydrating, but helps with any dulness, dryness, or rough areas before applying any makeup. I honestly prefer to use it at night instead because of the extra hydration qualities, but I think this has spf in it, which I'd rather it not have.

Great for dry skin. Great for dull skin.

Life changing

This brush tree has made my brush cleaning so much better! I'll be getting the larger one for my giant brushes. The mini is perfect for drying your eyeshadow, lip, and any small- med. brushes without squishing them or worry of water running into the base and eventually ruining your brushes.

Genius product! Thanks to Beautylish for caring it and making it easy to find.