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Mini Brush Tree


Trisha W.
Brushes are an investment! This is a brush saver!

I bought the mini brush tree as soon as I saw it come out. I immediately knew that this is the product I have been needing for years! No more jimmy rigging my brushes with rubber bands and hangers to dry them so they hang upside down and no more taking up every square inch of the dining room table while my brushes are laying flat to dry for hours. Honestly this is a brilliant invention and saves me a ton of time and wear and tear on my brushes! Now I just wash them, slip on the brush guards and pop them in from the underside to dry them. Now most of them are dry within an hour and come out looking brand new and in perfect condition. And I never have to worry about water seeping into the brush ferrule again! *** make sure you place and remove your brushes from the underside. Never shove your brush through the top!!!***

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Serein W.
Life changing

This brush tree has made my brush cleaning so much better! I'll be getting the larger one for my giant brushes. The mini is perfect for drying your eyeshadow, lip, and any small- med. brushes without squishing them or worry of water running into the base and eventually ruining your brushes.

Genius product! Thanks to Beautylish for caring it and making it easy to find.

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Ashley C. Team
Must have for your brushes!

I have the mini and original brush tree (only because I have a lot of brushes =X) and they are definitely essential in taking care of your brushes. It holds any brand of brushes. After washing your brushes, you're able to use the brush trees to hang them upside down to prevent water from collecting in the ferrule and ruining the glue. Also, it's collapsible so you don't need to take up all of your counter space!

Tara C.
Works well for thin handled brushes

The mini tree works well for my thin handled brushes. The rubber grippers are a bit stiff so it’s not as easy as I would like to remove the brushes, but hoping they will loosen up over time.

Brianne M.
Poor quality-stand is broken

Stand broke after using one time. Leg snapped, I don’t even know how. $25 for one use, so disappointing in the poor quality plastic. Also annoying I can’t submit this review with less than 30 words