Beauty Product Reviews

I am obsessed with it!!

This has a much sweeter scent than other Argan Oils that I have tried but not in an artificial way. Also, it comes in a darker jar which shows that they put a lot of care and thought into the packaging and protection of the product. This is probably one of the better quality Argan oil that I have used. It soaks into my hair without leaving it greasy. It also helps detangles my wet hair while air drying so I don't have to be so rough with it with a brush.

Instant healthy hair!

I am a huge advocate of Argan oil. I've tried so many different types of oils in my hair and in the end it just left it looking greasy. The trick with using argan oil is applying it to damp hair and then letting your hair air dry. Something about that combination gives your hair the best results. I've started using Argan oil back in 2008 and every time I try a new product, I always run back to it. My hair is past my lower back and although it would need some trimming, I feel like Argan oil really helps with the split ends and dryness. This brand in particular is easy to find and it costs only around $8.00! One time when I was traveling, I forgot to pack it with me and I was able to just replace it with a new one with out any trouble. Really, if you want longer healthier hair just give this stuff a try!

Light Weight

I wouldn't say that this is the HG of foundations, but it's something quick and easy for when you want to just smooth out your complexion. If you have dark circles, acne scars this doesn't cover it up. It really doesn't matter though I use a concealer with almost every foundations I have used, but I did notice that my skin looked supple and the foundation is build-able. Sucks that you can see the true color before you buy it. This lasts about 6 hrs if you have super extremely oily skin....remember to use a makes it last longer.

I must have it around at all times!

I don't like face wipes because they tend to feel sticky and gross. Yet, this stuff smells and feels amazing! I feel like I am doing more good then harm to my skin when I wipe this on my face. It really does it's jobs. It takes off makeup, oil, mascara, liner..EVERYTHING. I also love that it comes with a plastic lid versus a cheap label seal that sometimes doesn't do the job of keeping the wipes moist. Also it doesn't sting like most wipes does on my face. Very soothing and calming. After a long dong..I just love to sink my face into it..take a deep breathe and wipe the day away. Good stuff!