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Favorite bronzer

I love everything about this bronzer! The smell, the color, and the fact that it doesn't have shimmer in it. It is also cheap, compared to a lot of other bronzers.

It makes my skin look soo good, you know.. the summer-glow. And I can use it on multiple places. I use it as shadow crease, a little down the nose, and on my cheeks.

  • 2.3

Love it!

I bought it before my prom. It is really good for taking picture, and it isn't heavy on my skin. I was a little sure at first because you could clearly see the the dry flakes, but now that I've had it for some weeks, It's so much better!

The shade is a little too light for me though, but I just mix it with a darker foundation. The coverage is really good, and looks great in pictures! Compared to other foundations, the oil stays put for really long. Oh, and the finish isn't dewy, glowy... but rather a matte, satin finish. You could try to mix it with your highlighter if you want that dewy finish! :)

So far, I don't think it breaks me out.