Beauty Product Reviews

Awesome Blush!

I was in search for an orange blush and this is so gorgeous. The formula is silky smooth and blends with anything I use with it, even creams. I love it so much, I wish I could buy all of the colors to add to my kit. The highlight that comes with it is beautiful as well, it's not this over the top blingy highlight. It's more of a glow from within, subtle highlight which is perfect for everyone. The color payoff on this blush is A1 and you only need to dab your brush in it once or twice, a little goes a long way. Try It, you wont be disappointed!

5 Stars for Formula, 0 for Color Options.

I'm a huge fan of ABH and I can honestly say I love the formula of this Eye Primer. It keeps your eyeshadow in place, even with oily eyelids. It's silky smooth, cancels out pigmentation wonderfully, and eyeshadow is vivid and blends out beautifully. The only thing is the color. It only comes in one color, which is super light which works well on lighter skin tones but if you're tan or on the deeper end of the spectrum it doesn't blend in with your skintone well. I understand why it has a strong color, to even out the pigmentation on your eyelid but if they came out with a few more color options it would suit everyone. BUT you can definitely use this on deeper skintones, you just need to finesse it a little bit with either a concealer or eyeshadow or you can just use it on the mobile lid. 5 stars for formula, 0 for color options.

  • 1 L
Awesome Body Cleanser!

This is a great body oil cleanser, you get a huge amount for the price (1 L) and its def worth it. This reminds me of the L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil, minus the almond scent but it has light/mild scent to it. This is perfect. It gently cleanses and you still have that "clean feeling" that other low sudsing formulas tend to not have. I wouldn't say it's hydrating in itself but it definitely doesn't dry out your skin and is the perfect prep for your body emulsions, lotions, or creams. I really like it. I can honestly say it's one of my favorite body washes. I even purchased one for my mom and she loves it too!

Great Cleanser, Great Gift.

I love the Eve Lom Cleanser. I love the way it smells, the way it feels, and what it does for my skin. It's a luxurious cleansing balm that removes all of your makeup but my favorite way to use it is for facial massage. The scent is uplifting yet relaxing as well. This gift set is a great price, a little goes a long way and is perfect as a little treat for yourself or to try something new.

One of my FAV matte foundations!

This is a lovely foundation formula. It's lightweight comparative to the super thick matte foundations I have used and tried. This medium-full buildable foundation gives you a shine-free finish, but still allows your skin to look like skin. It's one of the best matte formulations I've tried and I've tried a whole lot. If you are into matte foundations but don't want something uber thick (viscosity) then try this, you'll enjoy it. Although it's shy of 30 ml (1 oz) the price isn't too bad as Natasha Denona products tend to be on the pricier/luxury side and the shade range is pretty good (undertones). My mom also likes this foundation and it looks good on her mature skin, when matte foundations tend to age mature skins at times. Give it a try, although it's matte I feel every skin type would be able to use this formula as it's not overly dry.

Makeup Artist and Consumer MUST HAVE!

I'm a makeup artist, my mom was a makeup artist my whole life and we've been using this for ages. We've never had any issues with it and we used it on all of our powders, creams, pencils, you name it. It's always best to keep your kit hygienic and this is the way to go in conjunction with your 70 to 91% Isopropyl Alcohol (as per CDC guidelines) and disposables.

For all makeup lovers, carrying a small bottle of this while shopping for makeup in stores is a must have as well. You can't see what is on that tester and you don't want to. There's no harm done in keeping yourself safe. I wish all makeup retailers used this and sold this, but until then... a few extra bucks purchasing this Beauty So Clean is a lot better than getting an infection! Plus, we've all had that friend that wanted to use our lipstick or eyeliner, use this if you're going to share makeup with a family member or friend. I'm not promoting sharing makeup, but if you are going to be prepared!

Seriously SUPER drying.

I have oily skin so I thought this would work out great. You can call me a self-proclaimed skincare aficionado, most products I try work well for me because I do my homework before a purchase. Sadly, I wanted to love this as others have, but I didn't and don't. It's not the smell, to me it smells of "earth" but I don't care what a product smells like if it works well for my skin. After one use, the next morning my skin felt uber tight and dry (even without my usual AHA). The next few days I went back to my normal moisturizing routine and decided to give it another go. This time, the following day my skin was even drier than the first time! To be really real, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone even with oily skin unless you've got superrrrr clogged pores. I even factor in my climate and the other products I'm using in conjunction, I've never been this dry and flaky not even in the winter and I live in a Meditteranean climate. I hate returning products because it's always such a hassle so that's money down the drain for me. Try something else, my friend.

Perfect for Makeup Artists!

I love this! I'm always looking for a more efficiently pack my kit and downsize. I'm very cautious about adding more to my kit without removing something in its place (unless it's job specific) As part of my disposables, I always carry a small box of facial tissue/kleenex with me but I always disliked how the box would become crushed. This is a great way to store your facial tissue cleanly and efficiently. You just open the box of tissue and slide them into this, there's a top slit so it works the exact same. It's made from quality, super easy to clean materials, I just give it a good wipe and a spray with alcohol and I'm good to go. If you're an MUA get this, especially if you do airbrushing. Well worth the $9.

Great little multi-tasker. Full Coverage to Sheer!

This little palette is great for travel as it can double as your foundation and your concealer. The Shinto palette is great for yellow/warm undertones. Which I find works for most skin tones, but for people with more neutral tones try one of the others like the KO or KA. The formulation is like 50% pigment and emollient/oil based when most foundations only have 12-28% pigment content so a little goes a long way. As a makeup artist I am able to use it on all skin types, but with oilier skin types I prime and set it so it does not move over time. I recommend using a good emollient based moisturiser like Embroylisse Lait Creme Concentre under this and blend it out with your flat top/blending brush or your damp beauty blender. When I work with drier skin types I like to prep the skin with a facial oil like marula, rosehip, or an oil blend. It makes it blend out like a dream. I also blend it out with a drop or two of facial oil on a beautyblender when I want to sheer it out or give the skin a dewy, fresh look. It looks beautiful used with this technique, especially with a liquid highlight. You can build it up to full coverage or sheer it all the way down to light coverage. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because those with the oiliest of skins might not like it because you will have to powder it and set it and even then so for a few that wont be enough. BUT there are so many ways to utilize this foundation and it takes up very little space in your kit or makeup bag. A win-win.