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I hesitated to purchase this, but I really love it. I use it every day, though I rarely contour...

The three colors are all matte, and seem like they would work on most fair-medium skin tones. The shades are very well selected here, and when applied never seem orange or ashy, which seems to be why I rarely end up using kits like this.

In addition to contouring, these shades also make a nice smokey eye, and for my hair color, work very nicely in my brows. I rarely use all three colors for contour on the face, but often reach for just the light shade for highlight, or just the medium shade to bronze.

For those of you that contour the body, these shades work very convincingly on the chest.

It also comes with a contour brush, which is surprisingly good for something that comes with a palette. I find myself reaching for it when I use bronzer.

The pans of product are generously sized as well, and the three pans together weigh in at 0.404 oz.

It's a tad pricier than I would have liked, but ultimately I will repurchase when mine runs out.

Impressive all around.

I have these in every color, but took off a star because certain colors stain. The ones that I've noticed leave a stain are sprinkles and lagoon. Sprinkles is the far left one in the product pic and lagoon is the middle one. They also have a teal blue, a royal purple, a bronze, silver, the green in the pic above, and another green-gold. I've only experienced staining with the two mentioned.

These are cream shadows that apply with a doe-foot applicator. You can apply them sheer or thick, but they do not blend like most cream products, because of all the glitter.

I use the wand to apply a thin, even coat where I want it, then leave it to dry for about thirty seconds. Once dry, it is budgeproof and creaseproof. I've gotten 12 hours of wear on these without a primer or setting them with a powder.

The glitter is intense. These go on opaque because the cream product is tinted to match the glitter. If you're looking for a one-step glitter shadow, this is highly recommended. It would be excellent for drag, as well, because it has a long wear and NO FALLOUT.

Dry Shampoo Alternative.

I have thick, coarse, dry hair and I don't like to shampoo it more than I need to, but a girl has got to have clean hair. I use dry shampoos when I just need a little oil control at the roots, but since my hair is so thick, it's not a great fix, since the powders in them tend to make my hair waaaaaay too voluminous at the root.

This spray is great, because it's a liquid, and leaves no residue behind. I love it for days in-between shampoos, because it keeps my hair manageable, not sticky or powdery.

I like to lightly spritz this on my part and hairline, then gently fluff my hair with my fingers. It dries scent and residue free and my hair feels clean clean clean.

I took off half a star because it does have an alcohol smell when you apply it, but when it evaporates it leaves no odor behind. Great price for this, as well.

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