Beauty Product Reviews

gorgeous, soft, and inexpensive :)

I purchased this in the colour Smooth Talker, which is the Benefit SugarBomb dupe. It was $5.98 CAD, and I found it at my local Wal-Mart. It has a dark pink, a light pink, an orange-peach colour, and a plummy-brown shade. When mixed together, this makes the prettiest neutral pinky-peach colour, that is darker and more red than my ELF blush/bronzer duo. I really have no dupes for it, which I'm glad about, because my blush collection isn't getting any smaller. All in all, I'd say pick this up if you've tried SugarBomb but didn't want to pay that much, or if you're looking for a great every day blush colour.

Great Contour For Pale Girls

In a haul from goldenappleoferis, she mentioned buying this to use a contour, because she's pale with cool undertones and needs something more ash-toned and less bronze. I have similar skin tones to her, and was on the hunt for a good contour colour. I bought it, and immediately fell in love. It gives enough of a shadow so that it is subtly noticeable, but not so much that it's an obvious line of taupe-brown powder on my face. It blends nicely, and I really want to try a few more colours.

Great "Everyday/Your-Lips-But-Better" Colour

These lipsticks are great. I have 3 colours, and Tea Rose is my favourite. They're creamy, they don't dry out my lips, and they don't settle into lines or feather when I'm wearing them. They last an okay amount of time, but they're so inexpensive, you can afford to reapply your lipstick a few extra times.

Awesome Eyeshadow Base

I bought this about 2 months ago, and I can honestly say it beats out every other base I've tried. It's pigmented enough to make the colours stand out, but not so much that my eyes look white, and it's sticky, so my powder shadows stay on much longer.